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On a whim yesterday I decided to dye my hair bright red. It looks a more deepened hue on the phone’s flash, but is scorching red in person.

Now, usually, dying your hair is not a spiritual experience nor is it an emotional transformation akin to death.

In this particular instance, I am lost for words. I feel humbled, yet shaken to my core. 

Before today, I had already blogged about my past life recollection as Airmid. You can read more about it upon searching “Airmid” in my search engine on the right-hand side of my page. Or you can just click here.

After taking the plunge and what I would say was strong channeling, I dyed my hair.

What came next?

Visions like never before. A new world where logic went flying out the window.

I couldn’t help shedding a tear upon connecting with my healing roots and being in complete awe that Airmid is now a blooming Goddess. A Goddess for crying out loud.

Every song, every nudge, every flute-like-song is transporting me back in time to when my Celtic Soul screamed to be heard. 

I hope to continue this post and maybe add to how emotional this is for me right now, but I would rather give thanks to the essence that is now a Goddess. As Airmid, I dreamt about being a Goddess. I couldn’t wait to cross over and become the healing helper I wanted to be. 

That part of me is now Divine, it is gone. My soul chose to reincarnate here once more, as the loud-mouthed yet charming damsel; Thajba. 

In Honor of Airmid, Airmed or Airmeith, I found a beautiful website in her name.

To Earth We Come From and To Earth We Shall Go


The Website: Airmid | Keeper of The Herbs of Healing



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  1. Dracul Van Helsing · September 6

    When I saw your painting at the top of your blog before even reading your blog post, I thought to myself, “The woman in that painting looks Irish.” She looks a lot like many of the women I saw when my dad and I visited Ireland many years ago.

    And then I read about Airmid the Celtic goddess of the healing arts and herbal lore who was one of the Tuatha de Danaan the original divine inhabitants of Ireland.

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