Feminsim, Witchcraft & The Truth

This post, I admit, is long overdue. Every time the inspiration strikes me to even skim the surface of this topic, every fiber of my being boils over. The reason? Women’s complete and utter shameful distortion of what feminism really is.

The death of Hugh Hefner sent millions in the blog and Twitter sphere scrambling to paint him as the villain. Do I have any complaints? None whatsoever. This time however, I reached the threshold of my tolerance with fake feminists, who because think they read a few statistics and studied law, know the ins and outs of what it is to be a woman.

What is a woman to you?

Someone who has been given, in your eyes, the gift to bring life into this world and is sole purpose is to raise and take care of them?

Someone, who perhaps, you’ve noticed, has different sexual parts than you do?

Que the real reason behind feminsm: Women educating the world on what it is to truly own the title of a woman. Equality in all things men can do, SEXUALITY included.

So remind me why, so many lovely yet sadly ill-informed women today, think it is even remotely a part of feminism to tell another woman what she CAN and CANNOT do with her body. If you plan on raising awareness, do it right. Do not tangle a million threads to each other and use feminism as a cover to hide your insecurities or lack of Divine Feminine care. Saying that Play Boy, which is owned by Hugh Hefner, is the opposite of feminism only makes sense when you are touching on the right topics, not claiming that because someone chose to get naked for a living they are “proving women are ornaments”. If I want to be an ornament, I will damn well relish in the opportunity to be an ornament. Did anyone not teach you about your Divine right to be TRULY feminine? How is it not an act of rebellion and a stand with women to pose in the nude? Would you EVER question a man’s ethics and morals because he posed for a nude magazine? Probably, but rarely. That is the truth.

Witchcraft has been a predominantly female profession. Witchcraft acknowledges both the Divine Male and Female. Witchcraft teaches of the God and Goddess. Witchcraft teaches to never be ashamed of your body, encourages naked ritual, even. So, again, remind me why ANY female Witch would ever believe in such a detached and closed life?

That is all I wish to touch on when it comes to “feminism” and “witchcraft”. If you are a female Witch who believes in suppressing any aspect of the feminine, find another job or hobby. You have picked the wrong path.


Please never say things like “How do you expect to be respected when dressed like that?”, because if you believe respect and clothing are mutual either go back to your time or leave feminism alone. You are not a feminist. You need a purpose and need to feel like a good person and feminism is just…. not it.


If you are uncomfortable being the master of your own sexuality, it is okay, but leave those who do alone.


If you think feminism and religion go hand-in-hand, they don’t. Read your book again. If there is any passage whatsoever that states women cannot do something that men can, feminism goes out the window. End of situation.


If you have ever referred to another woman as a slut, whore or home-wrecker PUBLICLY (to be fair) you have no business uttering the word feminism on your lips.


If you think to begin with you are powerless because of your gender, you already forgot your true powers.


Someone Who Is Fed Up With Social Justice

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