Auras: A More Detailed Look

A Witch’s fascination with reading people and delving into their soul, knows no bounds. Other than Divination Tools such as tea readings, tarot and oracle cards, reading auras is not a thing of the present. This Ancient practice dates back to long before the Salem Witch Trials. 

Witches used energy {auras} along with their psychic tendencies, to get to the root of healing and unlock spiritual truths. 

Today, the practice has skyrocketed to mainstream glory and is a topic that peaks the interest of all who are into the occult. 

What is an Aura?

An Aura could best be described as the energy given off by a person, place or object. Many people are able to either see or ‘sense’ auras, which usually appear as a haze of light or color surrounding someone or something. 

The colour an Aura emanates can have many correspondences, which directly relates to someone’s mood, spiritual path, external surroundings and health. 

Myths and Truths of Auras…

  1. It Is Always The Same Colour:- This depends from person to person. One colour can be dominant, but when faced with perplexing situations or multitasking, auras tend to change colours. A person can also have a multicolored or rainbow Aura. The possibilities are endless due to all the spiritual possibilities. 
  2. Your Aura Is Your Shield:- Whilst it is possible to utilize your energy and auric field to shield yourself through Magic from parasitic energies, your Aura alone is not enough. Auras are by no means a barrier against unwanted spirits, unless you have been working on doing so through spells, intent, visualization etc.
  3. Are Auras Chakras?:- No. Your chakras are the energetic wheels of your body, responsible for your vitality and overall health. Auras are emitted around a person, place or object which means it is the subjects current energetic state. Your chakras hold on to all the information you have ever come across, while your Aura is more of a tell on what is going on. You can make assumptions on chakra health based on viewing and reading someone’s Aura. 
  4. Can I View Auras?:- Yes. There are endless spells to utilize and Herbal blends. Some Witches have the gift of seeing Auras on people, some objects and even homes, or a Witch can possess all three. 
  5. Do Animals Have Auras?:- Animals have different energetic systems than we do. They do not face the same difficulties humans do and walk a different energetic path. Nonetheless, reading Animal Auras is extremely popular as of late. Although they are different, it is extremely common and can be done. 
  6. Is It An Aura or Just Light?:- If you are lucky enough to sense energies and see them, you’ll be able to know immediately. Upon spotting them, if there is no visible light source emanating from said object or person, then you can definitely rule that out. Try viewing Auras in The Sun or a dimly lit room with A Spell. Those two are my personal tools. 
  7. Does Aura Photography Work?:- Deffinitley but not always. If you would like to see photography of flowers I took with their Auras, you can simply click here.
  8. Can We See Angels Through Auras?:- Always. 

Colour Correspondence Guide…

RED πŸ“•:-

Centered, Grounded, Passionate 

When Muddy or Dark: Angry, Overstimulated Energetically, Anxiety


Powerful, Sexually Confident, Aroused, Creative Spark, Pregnancy 

When Muddy or Dark: Sexually Repressed, Creative Block, Fertility Problems

YELLOW πŸ“’:- 

Playful, Joyful, Confidence, Will Power, Strength 

When Muddy or Dark: Insecurities, Lack of Will, Aesthetically Jealous, Psychic Vampire 

GREEN πŸ“—:-

Healing, Plant Healer, Heart Health, Deep Emotional Satisfaction 

When Muddy or Dark: Jealous Person, Sickness, Disease 

BLUE πŸ“˜:- 

Honesty, Angels {Mostly Light in Color}, Talkative 

When Muddy or Dark: Depression, Sadness, Gloom


Mindreader, Mystic, Psychic Abilities

When Muddy or Dark: Psychic Attack, Negativity Towards Occult, Dimmed Outlook on Life

WHITE πŸ”–:-

Purity, Pure Soul, Enlightenment, Newness

When Muddy or Dark {Gray}: Feeling Nothing, No Conscience, Dark Cloud 


This is never a good sign. You are under extreme negative influences or are possessed. Please seek immediate help. 

BROWN πŸ¦‡:-

Fear of Unknown, Disliking Nature, Disconnect From Environment 

PINK 🌸:- 

True Love, Femininity

When Muddy or Dark: Tainted Love, Dulled Love


Awakening, Angelic Guidance, Channeling, Light Spirits, Emotional Wealth, Spiritual Wealth 


Innate Ability To Heal and Nurture

Like using your Divination Tools, remember to always trust your intuition.



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