Introducing: Tarot Tuesday

Merry Meet Witchy Friends,

I have decided to start a new segment called Tarot Tuesday where I will pull a Card of The Day as usual, but instead of skimming the surface and including a brief summary for all, I will go into great detail using my intuition. 

Every Tuesday I will pull a card, then post it giving an in-depth description for all who stumble upon this! 

Are you ready to know your journey today for free? Follow me…

Card of The Day

This card is brought to you via the Cosmic Tarot Deck by Norbert Losche.

This card signals a day where harvesting is on the agenda. A harvesting of ideas, love, emotion, food, clothing – this is a harvest of a feminine nature. 

The Empress typically points to femininity, beauty, sensuality, birth and a nurturing, beautiful woman. 

Here, the origin of the card comes into play. The card stays somewhat true to the original meaning, yet is extended to a specific action. This is a day where nurturing and femininity reigns to help you with harvesting {or collecting}.

For some, this could mean collecting antiques of a nurturing and feminine significance.

To others, this could mean an actual harvest like collecting and storing herbs, to tend to energies of an Empress-like nature. 

Today will be a day where the significance of your actions will be on full display for you to see.

Maybe a marriage or emotional protection spell is on the agenda? It is Tuesday after all…


Blessed Be

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