Tarot Friday

Hello Witches and Friends…  

What was supposed to be Tarot Tuesday stretched out to being Tarot Friday today due to Halloween decorations going up in my household! 

As you all know by now, Halloween is just around the corner. Other than its Witchy roots and ethereal attributes, it is famed for its “trick or treating” and joining of neighborhood friends and children alike. With that in mind, you should all know by now that Halloween dècor is no joke to me (or my family 😹). 

I apologize for the delay and hope you all enjoy today’s card 🌹


Card of The Day


This card is brought to you by the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by Yury Shakov.

The Four of Cups typically points to contemplation, apathy, boredom and an overall feeling of being emotionally stagnant. 

Today, certain aspects of the origin come into play with added details.

The boredom in this particular image on the card is the man (being you, dear stumbler). At this point, the man knows that he is supposed to get something and is patiently waiting – with an overwhelming feeling of apathy and boredom, however. 

The cup emerging from the cloud on the right shows the wait being over. You will get the emotional advancement you’ve been waiting for today. 

What is specifically causing you apathy and boredom will come to pass, and will be replaced by an utter lack of boredom!

Friday is a day for growth after all… 

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