Halloween & The Thinning Veil

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I had intended to put up Tarot Tuesday today but rituals are calling and the screams of children trick-or-treating is echoing the roads and filling my garden, so Tarot Tuesday will resume next week! 

I will definitely put up a post tomorrow displaying some of my Halloween dècor. If any of you have pictures of your neighborhood or a fun piece to share, please do Contact Me or leave me a message! 

It is 7:49 PM right now in Greater London as I am typing this, and I can still hear the havoc of Halloween wreaking from my windowsill. I have been accepting families for hours, so I had just shut the doors to continue my practices. A little “get on with your days, as I have more rituals to tend to…”, if you will. 

🕷Enjoy the darker days and Scorpio season. 🕷


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