Witch Way Now? 

I don’t know about all of you, but the overall emotional energy outside is that of calm and newness. I feel a complete shift in everyone’s energy after the “thinning of veils” last night and the accumulated energy of spell-work in the air. 

It seems all have honored their ancestries in some way, and have tended to Samhain rituals in some form or another. 

We feel we have connected with the The Crone in the triple Goddess right now, if anything, I think we are just starting to get to know her! She comes in the form of Goddesses such as Lilith, Cailleach and Hekate and teaches us to accept the flow of darkness and how it can add, enhance or enliven our spiritual practices. 

Yesterday I drew the Major Arcana Death Card and added it to my altar. I wanted to see what would occur if I incorporated Tarot in my Samhain spell-work and if Death would really meet me at my door step. Will the Dark Mothers answer my calls for renewal and rebirth along with the  words I uttered under a candlelit spell? 

Cailleach answered. She had come to me and I had spotted her through her reflection on my night-stained windows. Among the reflections of trees and howling winds, was the half-veiled face of this transformative Dark Goddess. She peeked at me with her one eye and had an imbruing white glow around her.  

She guided me to pay attention to the ebb and flows of my body, not just with how I think the world is going to affect me, but really feel my insides in the moment. What is my heart telling me? My heart of hearts? Is leaving this yearning okay, or should I fulfill it?  

When we think of darkness and transformation, a negative connotation and image comes to mind. We think of ghouls, demons and scary figures or deception and deceit. We think of being led “astray” like cattle and being easily influenced.

 We have an affinity to tell those touched by darkness they are marked, instead of seeking more answers or seeing the truth of the situation. Is darkness really just black hearts and ill wishes? Is there something more to our fascination with descending into oblivion? Maybe even, solace and release?

The reality is: darkness is not just a part of life, it is life. It is present in our mantras and daily motivations. It is present in therapists and therapy. It is present in justice systems and court rulings. The reality is, without darkness, whether overcoming it or becoming it, there would be no purpose.

What is the purpose of a police officer if there is no crime? None, unless designated to do otherwise.

Everything in life fits in to place, including darkness. This Scorpio season along with the moments leading up to Yule, will test the very foundation of your being. This is a time for you to fixate on the darkness. The darkness will either shape your or consume you.

Which side you’ll end up on? Only you, time and The Gods will tell. 

Enjoy the rest of this day, as I leave you with a few fun Halloween decorations from my garden and home last evening…

Day of The Dead

Won’t you come in?

The White Lady of La Muerta

Dreadful Fates

Have you come for a Trick or a Treat?

La Muerta: Collector of Souls

🎃Happy Halloween To All 🎃

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