Tarot Tuesday & A Treat

Hello, Everyone! 

Welcome back to Tarot Tuesday. If you have been following my website for a while now, you would know that I started a new segment every Tuesday. On this day, I will draw a Card of The Day from one of my Tarot or Oracle Card Decks and post it via the internet! 

Through working with various plant medicines lately and especially skincare, I included a lovely skincare staple to share!  

Enjoy πŸ›Ž

Card of The Day…

This card is brought to you by the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

πŸ‚ I know there has been some speculations about Doreen Virtue lately and her move to ditch certain deities and Ascended Masters and become a “born again” Christian, but this deck’s artwork resonates with me on a profound level. I will continue to use my Doreen Virtue decks regardless of her personal decisions, as they reflect her inner world and not mine. πŸ‚

This card reminds me of the phrase “Home is where the heart is..”.

We often equate hearth & home with where we physically reside, but in this instance this card shows a day where you will feel safe in where you are today – whichever home it may be.

Not your usual safety, such as locking your doors and feeling the comfort of your own rooms pulling the emotions out of you; this is a different kind of safety, an emotional kind.

This is a day where you won’t get judged for your emotions. In fact, they will be appreciated, shared and even valued. 

We often forget that someone’s environment or our own, can play a huge role in how comfortable we are emotionally.

 If you were to walk in to a home where there were constant battles, clutter, unhealthy substances and people; would you really feel like your emotions were valued or heard? Unless you are someone who thrives on chaos, safety would be an issue and can lead to emotional entrapment. 

Release your thoughts today. Release your heart. Release your soul. You’re in perfect alignment with the right surroundings, make the best of it.

Rose Water: How To…

Roses are the quintessential symbol of love, passion, romance, lust and eternal beauty.

Every practitioner knows Roses are kitchen cabinet must haves for creating love potions, sachets, salves or balms. They epitomize fairytale romance and being “swept off your feet” (Beauty and The Beast ring a bell, anyone?). 

Roses have always spoken to my soul. They smell like fresh love to me, the tender touch of first occurrences, both romantic and bittersweet… 🌹

Before I get carried away and slip into one of my poetic tendencies, I thought I’d share my own Rose Water recipe. There are many versions on every surface of the internet, but I wanted to share my special touches and notes! 



  • Rose Petals {Most websites online claim that only fresh and Organic petals work best, although I find every kind to have its extra touch. Dried rose buds for subtle hints of rose, a multicolored rose brew for different Magical Correspondences – the possibilities are endless, really. So follow your intuitive flow.}
  • Clean Still Water or Spring Water {Again, most websites always use distilled water for toners. There is no problem with it, but it is an unnecessary intuitive detachment for me, having to treat this like a lab experiment. What you drink should also be just as clean as what you put on your face, normal clean water works just the same. 🌹}



  1. Place your rose petals in a cooking pot. Pour water over your roses, only just filling the roses slightly – this will ensure your water will smell as fresh and rose-y as possible. If you would like to dilute the smell further more, add more water.
  2. Bring the mixture to a low boil or simmer. 
  3. Casually mix your brew around, thinking about what you hope this rose water can accomplish for you. {I like to think thoughts of passion, love, romance, etc., while envisioning pink energy and Auras.}
  4. When your petals have lost most of their color and has been absorbed by the water, your mixture is done.
  5. Let it cool down, strain, and use whenever you need an extra helping of roses in your Magic!

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