Dear Fellow Witches

Hello, Brothers and Sisters of The Craft…

As you all know, the spells I usually post have come through trials of my own. I rarely never try out a spell after re-blogging or posting, due to the fact that I want my readers to know that passion, time, manifesting and magic actually do work.

When I started this website, I wanted to it to be different than all the other current Magic Blogs. I wanted to add to the already existing network of lovely Witches, Wiccans and Pagans by bringing in my own personal flair. I wanted this to be your one-stop-destination for a safe haven, informational website and truth.

If you have been following for a while, you would know that I am blunt, honest and straightforward – something I have just fully accepted about myself recently.

With that being said, I know most websites or blogs will say there is no such thing as “Hollywood Magic” just “Practical or Modern Magic”, for someone who wants to believe and connect with Mother Nature or honor the Old Ways.

Now, I am not going in to details regarding what truly exists and what does not, just to respect and validate everyone’s cultures. We all know that Witches have been a very prominent part of history, whether hating them, loving them or being them; they existed.

Coming from an Arab background and growing up in a tiny and gorgeous island, nestled deep within the heart of the Middle East (Bahrain), my beliefs differ than the majority Caucasian Witches on WordPress. I grew up in a society where although Witchcraft was condemned for religious Islamic reasons, it was still something everyone not only believed in, but validated.

Every village or area knew (and still do know) exactly who the Witches were, they just never publicly admitted to using them in order to preserve their reputation – something that was not to be trifled with.

It is still seen as a sign of “copying The West” to make fun of people who are superstitious or think flying Witches don’t exist. At our root, we fully know the depths of what horrific energies can do. A parent who sees signs of possession would most likely consult a hex removal expert, than see a doctor of fear of their child being mentally ill.

The Evil Eye to Arabs is not only cultural but religious. We speak about it in gatherings, and sometimes jokingly point out people who we think have (something we Arabs like to call) “hot eyes”. A phrase that means: someone who’s sight and energy is so malicious, it has the ability to immediately affect your energetic surroundings, visibly too. (I must state here that the phrase makes so much more sense in Arabic, I apologize for my best version of the translation.)

Also, almost everyone believes in Magic, especially Black Magic. It is not something reserved for a Magical Community only. To us, our problems differ than what people refer to as “The West”. To you, you have the task of reclaiming your Old Ways, to us, it is preserving it and not letting it disappear in a world of pharmaceuticals and technological advancements.

The reason why I am stating all this, is although we have a functioning and normal society like everyone else does, this is not a speculatory part of our culture, but reality. It is hidden to protect the reputations of those involved and their families.

So, please, Dear Brothers and Sisters of The Craft…

Before making claims that there is no such thing as “real” Magic, make sure you are factoring in everyone’s cultures and countries. You have not yet seen all there is to see, or know all there is to know.

Be more mindful with how you word your articles, because you have readers from all over the world, not just America only. People’s research may lead them everywhere, including your doorstep. 

Please never think there would ever be any documented “proof” of real Witches. The reason is something both common sense and history can decipher.

With Every Truthful Love,

Thajba giphy.gif


  1. AromaCare · November 11

    This is the most important piece of witch info on the internet!!!!!

    Not only is it dangerous to say there is no real magic, but they are making it easier for cross-energies to happen! A lot of websites say black magic is so misunderstood and it is actually all herbal and has been distorted by Christians… ummm? Wtf. As someone who is born and raised in Lebanon it is a sick joke to tell us black magic isn’t exactly what it is because it is a sort of Black Magic Hub, lol!


    • AngelRemedy · November 11

      Lol, those websites make me hysterical. I read them, then carry on with my day. I think we all know that sacrificial magic exists, not in movies only, because anyways whatever is in movies people will always try to emulate in real life – so let us be realistic here! “Payment After Results”? Okay. Either you are indeed, a scammer, or…. you kind of already know the outcome, maybe?


  2. 🥀Ishtar🥀 · November 11

    I really wanted to join in the discussion if you don’t mind 🐾 I am half Columbian and half Saudi Arabian and my grandmother is a Bruja on my mother’s side (the colombian side). Not really a big-time Bruja but she does commune with “spirits” and my mother and father never let me stay alone with her, or eat her food or drink her water 🙉 We never connected closely, I mean she didn’t hate me but she was just the unemotional type. But then once at a family day where we all gathered, I heard her say the straaaangest things in a foreign language I never heard and it freaked me out… her vibe, what she was saying, everything.. and after that day she never looked at me the same again and barely makes eye contact for more than 3 seconds! Thought this would be fun to share with you ❤️🌹❤️


    • AngelRemedy · November 11

      Aahh, the classic “don’t eat her food or drink from her home” parenting line 🤣

      Thank you for sharing this was an interesting read! Xoxo 🌷


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