Tarot Wednesday & A Treat


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Before I get on with the fun and intuitive pleasures, I thought I would share a little about myself…

First of all, I know that ever since I started Tarot Tuesday I have posted on the exact day of Tuesday, just the once. Although it is never okay to owe anyone an explanation, you all aremy readers and do wait for content that I promise. With that in mind, I wanted to explain that the lack of consistency on this platform is due to family issues. 

I do not wish to elaborate, but I do wish to inform you all so you can understand where I am coming from. Family… Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em! Am I right? *Insert Drum Sound*



Card of The Day


This card is brought to you via The Dragon Tarot by Terry Donaldson.

The High Priestess usually points to psychic awareness, the subconscious, higher powers and mystery. She sits between the darkness and the light, represented usually by Solomon’s temple, which suggests it is she who is the mediator between realms and uncovers reality.

As all of you have witnessed with your own intuitive journeys, the cards are not always as they seem. The deciding factor will always be your psychic abilities, to determine whether The High Priestess is an individual, situation, place or way of being. Your intuition {Third Eye Chakra} determines and taps into unseen energy that could lead to uncovering future events. This is all about self-mastery. When you master yourself, you will realise how fluid the human body is because everything is essentially made up of energy. When you tap into this Collective Consciousness, you will be able to determine future situations, past situations and present situations. The accuracy of your readings boil down to your life-path, energy levels and divine guidance. 

With that being said, my intuition is showing me a day where The High Priestess is exactly as the origin of the card dictates. If this day could have a chakra, it would be The Third Eye.

Remember that intuition is not the same for everyone, and that is what makes it perfect. How is it fair that we all interpret the same? Where is the variety and spice of life? 

Some psychics interpret through smell, which leads them to pick up energetic scents from miles, even countries away. Some psychics have premonitions {not the same as intuition}, and have visible visions through their mind’s eye by interpreting the cards. Some psychic love to draw or paint, and that manifests their true desires and needs. This is what makes life perfect: variety. A variation of cultures, beliefs, styles, aesthetics, moods, colours and people.

Submerge yourself in your intuition today. Not just to discern, but to explore, too!


Incense Spell to Heighten Psychic Awareness

Before I begin, it is important to note that everyone perceives smell differently. For example, yesterday I tried a new variety of incense that was labeled as “floral”, but what I smelled was minor hints of floral notes with an overabundance of spicy notes such as Star Anise and Clove. This was because my energy levels yesterday were extremely low and I was nauseous. Flowers usually cause me to feel light and airy, while spicy scents usually bring up my energy levels very fast – that is what I have observed about my self. So, I picked up the spicy scents before the floral ones, because that is what I usually intuitively smell when I need a big push, unlike my affinity to see florals as “light” and “airy”.

 This is the beauty of our individual intuition, the ability to discern and find new ways of being.


This spell is from my own Book of Shadows and is my tried and true to invigorate the senses, especially the Third Eye!


  • If you are able to get your hands on Nag Champa incense, which is very famous in India, it would be an intuitive dream. The scent is extremely nutty and spicy with overlapping hints of sandalwood and sweetness. If not…
  • 1 Part Sandalwood Powder
  • 1 Part Cinnamon Powder
  • 1 Part Star Anise Powder
  • A Small Dollop of Gum {Frankincense, Arabic, Dragon’s Blood etc.}
  • Water
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • This Website: How To: Cone Incense

When you have formed your cone or gathered your ingredients…


  • Find a room where you will not be disturbed, whatsoever. Do this at night when all are asleep, or at an hour when you are certain you will not be disturbed by knocks or voices.
  • Seat yourself in a Lotus Position on the floor. For comfort you can sit on a pillow such as this one.
  • Light your incense and place it in front of you in an incense holder, cauldron, or fireproof bowl.
  • Bring the incense to just below your nose and take in a big inhalation. Place the bowl on the floor for a moment, and close your eyes. 
  • Repeat the following spell THREE times…

Oracle of Lunar Light

Reveal To Me The Second Sight

Meditate just as you normally would, and watch your mind’s eye open up like never before. Leave your incense to burn all the way down, even if your room is filled with smoke. Indulge your smell.




  1. creewoman26 · November 25

    i want to get a dragon deck soon


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