Fairy Godmother Answers




Hello, Dear Sisters and Friends!

I have been getting countless E-Mails regarding the link between Fairytales and Magic. 

I am sure all of you have suspected why I merged Fairytales and Magical workings on my website, and that is because to me, they are essentially the same. All Magic comes from Fairytale wisdom, lore and truth. The beauty of Magic is seen all around us, but more prominently as of late in Children and Fairytale books and movies.

With all your requests floating around and the increase in children’s fascinations with Paganism and Wicca, I needed to include something more high-spirited and friendly.

So, look no further than your personalised  Fairy Godmother for all your Magical worries answered!

I understand Paganism is not exactly seen as Magic, but more of a religious practice, but since a lot of websites seemed to group them with Witches, I found it best to do the same.

How This Works?

I performed a ritual prior to me posting this consent form. I contacted all my light, fairy and angelic guides to help with this endeavour. I received consent by closing my eyes, looking at the darkness within my mind’s eye, and seeing swirls of pink. This is how I know my calls were answered. I speak to my Angelic Guides constantly, so I reassure you this is no foolishery. 

Any Payments Needed?



I created this website and blog strictly out of sheer pleasure and do not wish to make money off of this. This was pleasurable for me to create and I hope it will be pleasurable for you to submit your comments, with the reassurance that there will be a guided answer.


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