Dream Magic

This form of Magic is probably the most simplest form and most difficult. This requires nothing but your will (Magic) and the tools required to push you into dream state; such as, potions, tinctures, stones, talismans, balms, lotions, chimes and so on and so forth…

I get asked a lot how to practice Dream Magic, but what people do not know is dreams are extremely volatile and messy. You will not always be able to wake up from the magic you created, as that is the point of dreams, to wander and get lost.

This form of Magick can feel like a nightmare if you cannot force yourself out of dreams. Keep that in mind when venturing to the beyond.

I like to call dreams “The Beyond” as you can go anywhere, including the afterlife.


With all that in mind…

I will place a milder Dream Spell here to get you started!



πŸ–€ Begin by cleansing your room with the cleansing tool you usually use. This can be Sage, Palo Santo, Resins, Cleansing Sprays, Tibetan Singing Bowl; whatever you desire. When you amplify your intentions and feelings your magic amplifies with it.

πŸ–€ Lock your room door for comfort. If anyone barges in while you are in the middle of an intense dream, it can be confusing and quite disturbing. It is especially difficult for novice Witches to handle this, as we often start out living with family.

πŸ–€ Set an alarm on your phone if you feel like you need an “out”, just in case. Set this for at least three hours after you are in a dream, as that will leave time for your mind to wander and come back (any shorter and you might not see what you need). My recommendation would be to choose alarming sounds so you don’t sleep through it.

πŸ–€ Bonus πŸ–€ I like to spritz my pillows with fresh Lavender water to encourage fluidity and a still mind. Lavender has such a soothing smell, doesn’t it?


The Spell…

As I Lay My Head To Rest The Day

My Thoughts Emerge With Enlightening Rays


If you find yourself waking up with a gruesome dream, you are not alone.
Last Night I dreamt that I was Lady Babylon and could not escape my confusion and fear. This was not because I was in the legendary Babylonia, it was because I awoke to find myself missing a part of me I lost…
A part with so much more creativity, authenticity, flamboyance, chaos and rage.
I miss the exaggerated ambiguity of evil. I miss the vile longing to be held in something so dastardly romantic. I miss the pleasures of the Deadly Sins.
What I learnt from my dream is that although Babylon is gone, I awoke with a sudden burst of inspiration. The inspiration to write dark poetry like never before.


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