Young At Heart Spell

Hello, Witches & Friends…

I took a few days off of blogging to tend to my non-virtual Witch Life, but I am back with a requested, fun and light-hearted Spell!

There’s something about the frosty Winter Nights that remind me of fairies. It could be the glistening shimmer of the snow reminding me of sugar. It could also be the fairytale-like dècor of Christmas on the way.

Either way, this spell embodies both Fairytale Magic & Innocence!


✨Thymus Vulgaris

✨ Five Sugar Cubes

✨ Mortar & Pestle

✨ Pink Satin Ribbon

✨ Pastel Coloured Organza Bag

🌿 Grind your Thyme & Sugar to achieve a consistency such as sand…

🌿 With a Mortar & Pestle of course…

🌿 Place your ingredients inside your organza back…

🌿 Pastel of course…

🌿 Tie the ribbon around your bag, to seal your Magic with this Spell…

🌻 This I know, I cannot change

🌻 My age defined by constraint

🌻 What holds me back, needs to go

🌻 Such as burdens and sorrow

🌻 To be young at heart, and in young in mind

🌻 Both shall intertwine, to reveal a new place in time

🌻 To seek what was lost and make it mine…

When embarking on amplifying or creating Fairytale Magic, it is extremely important to come to this practice with no negatively potent energy. Meaning, no malicious, negative or harmful intent can go into the making of this.

The outcome will not be as youthful as you’d like it to, if you’re stirring or grinding while thinking of stabbing someone in the eye. Keep your thoughts light & fairy. This can be achieved through music, meditation, sounds {such as wind chimes} or even performing this at a location you deem peaceful & soothing! Oh, and don’t forget to say the Spell aloud…Forgot to mention that one! Sorry!

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