Ask The Aboriginal Witch

Hello, Fellow Witches & Followers!

Since I started this website, I have been receiving several questions that are similar in tone and intent. Instead of answering them individually, I thought it best to answer the similar ones in this segment.

Please do let me know if they have been sufficiently answered 🖤.

To Contact Me you can click the left-hand-side-box with several lines on it (on the main page). I usually get back to E-Mails within a 48 hour period!

The answers below are based on my own knowledge, past and presently vividly remembered Witch lives and my intuition. If any of my replies have led you into dire situations, it is my Karmic responsibility to fix it. So please come back to me if things do not turn out as swimmingly as you’d hoped. 🖤

Question: I always see Ads online when Googling spells. Do you think I can trust any of them? I always find it suspicious coming from a Latino background. I know you are Arabian and that is why I am coming to you. It is no secret that there are endless people practicing Brujeria just to mess up people. Please Answer!!!

Answer: My honest answer; is that those are usually scammers and people who practice dark magic and work with entities. There is no easier way to scam someone, then to pose as a helper online. It has been done before and it will continue if the option is available, it is called Free Will.

I always say there is no harm in trying to contact someone, but the benefit of the doubt can be a tough door to open, if you’re planning on receiving the opposite outcome. Life is an adventure of ups and downs. It feels good opening certain doors and getting to the root (I have a knack for detective work being a Scorpio who’s chart is flooded with Scorpio placements). But, having your hopes killed is also tough, that I know and I would hate for anyone to feel the same.

Most likely, the person on the other end isn’t Abdul from Nigeria coming to heal your every ache, it is someone looking to make a quick buck.

To be on the safest side: Never trust anyone who claims you can pay them after results. Like, ever.

Question: Your skincare and beauty rituals… PLEASE!

Answer: I have been getting a lot of these questions lately and I am working on a new segment! I am so glad everyone is interested, as I was hoping to add that later on 🖤.

Question: I am a Witch who struggles with accepting her darker way of style. I feel like I would be judged for including darker elements to my craft. I love everything about your website and connected with how you love light & dark. Looking forward to your reply.

Answer: If you feel like you’re going to be judged for your style, practice a more solitary lifestyle. You will never be alone when you have your craft, your spells and the crazy happenings of the results can lead you everywhere!

I tried for years to “make” people “see” my way, and that journey as well as the results were and are futile. Being a Scorpio, it is in my nature to seek darkness. Not out of “being cool” but out of curiosity to satisfy my soul, and more importantly because Scorpios feel everything, especially darkness. We must either learn to live with it or become it.

With that said, I understand your need to satisfy your soul. Even when you go online the first picture you gravitate to is one of dark magical creatures, such as Vampires and Werewolves. It seems saddening that you have to explain that it does not mean your intentions are harmful.

Your best bet is to be a Solitary Witch who ever-so-often joins a Coven when she’s lonely. Best of both worlds.

Question: What are your thoughts on Witches using animal parts? I know you have been an animal activist and lover since you’re little girl.

Answer: I would personally never do that. Even if I did not kill the animal myself, supply comes from demand, it is the first rule of Economics. If people keep buying, people will keep killing to keep the market from declining.

The exception would be divine guidance to accept a situation, gift, offering, etc.

I do also believe that if you are a Witch who can communicate with animals, and the animal has given you consent, then that is okay.

Animals are sacred pure beings who can really help you if you stop to watch, listen and learn. I would feel like I am disrespecting them greatly by using them, without their consent. I prefer to have animals as pets rather than use their bones for spells.

I hope that has answered the recurring questions I get!

As always…

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