Spell To Contact Dead

✚ Hello, My LoVELIES ✚ I have been getting cØuntless requests via E-Mail, about reblØgging cØntent that is Øn the bØttØm Øf my blØg {Especially Spirit Summonings!}. I can’t believe yØu guys lØve my pØsts sØ much, yØu want me tØ repØst them sØ yØu dØn’t have tØ sift thrØugh mØre cØntent! Thank yØu all sØØØ much! Your LØVE as always is appreciated & I cherish and adØre yØu all! ✚ P.S… Beauty is the Eye of the BehØlder, but I gag every time I see E-Mails Øf yØu guys cØmplementing my bØdy and lØØks. Wtf, yØu guys are sØ nice! ✚ P.S Part TwØ… Some people seem to be getting questiØn marks {Ør no cØnnectiØn} Øn sØme pictures and widgets. I’ll definitely wØrk on sØrting that Øut, but in the meantime feel free to brØwse and save hard-tØ-find Magickal Graphics Øn the right-hand-side Øf the Main Page ✚ Blessed Be ✚

Angel Remedy

I want to say Thank You

To anyone who has been having problems with link and images on this blog, I apologise. It seems to be an external hacking problem, specifically on the VISITORS and VIEWS. I have contacted Dan, my dear friend and hacker ex·tra·or·di·naire. He pinpointed the problem but seems to be running into external issues with WordPress. As you know, they are a huge Blogging Company and host millions upon millions of other Web Blogs, this makes it hard to pinpoint one person, as many could be the culprit.

Anyways, until all is resolved I will be keeping a close eye on numbers and people, I hope you all can bare with me as I rid myself of evil paranoia, together.

This post is intended to be a wake up call of sorts, for you and I together. We both know the depths of the human emotion, and demonic as well, so let…

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  1. MayO · April 8

    Hello, Beautiful Lady!

    I friggin love your blog!!!!! It is so hard to get past your creative flow and comment let alone click on anything… you’re that friggin interesting baby girl. I go hard for fellow Witches but none as much as my guru thajii. Love yew.<3.


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