Spirit Summoning Spells

Angel Remedy

undead glamour   ♥ elizamio

We all know what grieving looks like. Loss, hope, despair. Losing someone who you thought you would never lose, someone who you would think could die, but not anytime soon. We also know everyone dies – eventually. 

Eventually is a far away land in your mind’s eye. Somewhere you know in your heart exists but feels too dark to accept. That is the reality of what a lot of people fear. Fear that there is no hope. That as much as you cling on to everything good this life has to offer – What if? That is normal. Being a person who seeks justified answers to questions no one has answered – is normal too. 

Excuse me for sounding like an old soothsayer. I created a spell before writing this down and it is making me sound like something I am laughing about – as we speak. I’ll…

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