Tarot Tuesday

Hola, Beauties…

We are back with another segment of Tarot Tuesday!

If you are new here and need some freshening up, every Tuesday I pull a card of the day with an in-depth πŸ‘€ look πŸ‘€ into today’s events or required guidance.

If you would like to catch up on previous posts for fun or intuitive pleasures, feel free to click the right-hand-side on the main page (it looks like a small box with several lines on it) & search to your heart’s desires! With the πŸ”‘ words: Tarot Tuesday.

Most websites do include a Card of The Day reading, but do not give an in-depth guidance with the hopes you could buy a reading. I never charge for my readings as I consider this a small part for me to play in the grand design. I am intuitive and I love putting my Spirit Guided Guidance to good use.

Enjoy & Let Me Know What You Think… πŸ–€

This card is brought to you by the ever-so-popular Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

The Hierophant: wise, traditional, scholarly, knowledge & wisdom, these are the key words that come to mind when this card is at play.

Today, however, it would take a miracle to convince a rowdy peer of yours they’re wrong.

The Hierophant in today’s position signals a friend, most likely a man, who is pretty adamant he knows what is best, when tradition and wisdom is at play. This could cause some discomfort for you or it could elevate you higher, maybe opening your mind to more portals of humor.

When someone like a stubborn Hierophant gets in your way, it is best to steer clear of arguments. Do you know the popular saying “It is like praying in a waste land.”? That can be applicable here. Yelling at a fellow such as this is like trying to convince a wasted land to pray – useless.

Take the high road out and remind yourself you know what is best or let this person know the discomfort they are causing you.

Nothing is worse to a Witch than a dude who thinks he knows what is best, especially concerning her craft! 😝

Blessed Be…

πŸ’œ Thajba πŸ’œ

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