Litha: A Midsummer Night πŸ’›

Salem's Cottage

pagan altar lithaLitha, also referred to as Midsummer, occurs at the summer solstice generally around the dates of June 21st and the 22nd. This day marks the longest day of the year where the sun reigns at its peak strength. From here, the power of the sun and therefore the God, begin to wane until his death according to the Wheel of the Year. The Goddess, on the other hand, is full and pregnant with child, her strength building before the harvest of the Earth. With this climax of the strength of the sun, the God as the Oak King is defeated by the Holly King as the world begins to descend into darkness with the last half of the year.

Many people choose to awake before dawn to greet the sun upon this day while lavish and expensive celebrations last until sundown. In ancient times, the Solstice was held to a…

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