Tarot Tuesday

Hola, Beauties…

We are back with another segment of Tarot Tuesday!

If you are new here and need some freshening up, every Tuesday I pull a card of the day with an in-depth 👀 look 👀 into today’s events or required guidance.

If you would like to catch up on previous posts for fun or intuitive pleasures, feel free to click the right-hand-side on the main page (it looks like a small box with several lines on it) & search to your heart’s desires! With the 🔑 words: Tarot Tuesday.

Most websites do include a Card of The Day reading, but do not give an in-depth guidance with the hopes you could buy a reading. I never charge for my readings as I consider this a small part for me to play in the grand design. I am intuitive and I love putting my Spirit Guided Guidance to good use.

Enjoy & Let Me Know What You Think… 🖤

This card is brought to you by the ever-so-popular Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

The Hierophant: wise, traditional, scholarly, knowledge & wisdom, these are the key words that come to mind when this card is at play.

Today, however, it would take a miracle to convince a rowdy peer of yours they’re wrong.

The Hierophant in today’s position signals a friend, most likely a man, who is pretty adamant he knows what is best, when tradition and wisdom is at play. This could cause some discomfort for you or it could elevate you higher, maybe opening your mind to more portals of humor.

When someone like a stubborn Hierophant gets in your way, it is best to steer clear of arguments. Do you know the popular saying “It is like praying in a waste land.”? That can be applicable here. Yelling at a fellow such as this is like trying to convince a wasted land to pray – useless.

Take the high road out and remind yourself you know what is best or let this person know the discomfort they are causing you.

Nothing is worse to a Witch than a dude who thinks he knows what is best, especially concerning her craft! 😝

Blessed Be…

💜 Thajba 💜

Tarot Tuesday & A Treat

Hello, Everyone! 

Welcome back to Tarot Tuesday. If you have been following my website for a while now, you would know that I started a new segment every Tuesday. On this day, I will draw a Card of The Day from one of my Tarot or Oracle Card Decks and post it via the internet! 

Through working with various plant medicines lately and especially skincare, I included a lovely skincare staple to share!  

Enjoy 🛎

Card of The Day…

This card is brought to you by the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. 

🍂 I know there has been some speculations about Doreen Virtue lately and her move to ditch certain deities and Ascended Masters and become a “born again” Christian, but this deck’s artwork resonates with me on a profound level. I will continue to use my Doreen Virtue decks regardless of her personal decisions, as they reflect her inner world and not mine. 🍂

This card reminds me of the phrase “Home is where the heart is..”.

We often equate hearth & home with where we physically reside, but in this instance this card shows a day where you will feel safe in where you are today – whichever home it may be.

Not your usual safety, such as locking your doors and feeling the comfort of your own rooms pulling the emotions out of you; this is a different kind of safety, an emotional kind.

This is a day where you won’t get judged for your emotions. In fact, they will be appreciated, shared and even valued. 

We often forget that someone’s environment or our own, can play a huge role in how comfortable we are emotionally.

 If you were to walk in to a home where there were constant battles, clutter, unhealthy substances and people; would you really feel like your emotions were valued or heard? Unless you are someone who thrives on chaos, safety would be an issue and can lead to emotional entrapment. 

Release your thoughts today. Release your heart. Release your soul. You’re in perfect alignment with the right surroundings, make the best of it.

Rose Water: How To…

Roses are the quintessential symbol of love, passion, romance, lust and eternal beauty.

Every practitioner knows Roses are kitchen cabinet must haves for creating love potions, sachets, salves or balms. They epitomize fairytale romance and being “swept off your feet” (Beauty and The Beast ring a bell, anyone?). 

Roses have always spoken to my soul. They smell like fresh love to me, the tender touch of first occurrences, both romantic and bittersweet… 🌹

Before I get carried away and slip into one of my poetic tendencies, I thought I’d share my own Rose Water recipe. There are many versions on every surface of the internet, but I wanted to share my special touches and notes! 



  • Rose Petals {Most websites online claim that only fresh and Organic petals work best, although I find every kind to have its extra touch. Dried rose buds for subtle hints of rose, a multicolored rose brew for different Magical Correspondences – the possibilities are endless, really. So follow your intuitive flow.}
  • Clean Still Water or Spring Water {Again, most websites always use distilled water for toners. There is no problem with it, but it is an unnecessary intuitive detachment for me, having to treat this like a lab experiment. What you drink should also be just as clean as what you put on your face, normal clean water works just the same. 🌹}



  1. Place your rose petals in a cooking pot. Pour water over your roses, only just filling the roses slightly – this will ensure your water will smell as fresh and rose-y as possible. If you would like to dilute the smell further more, add more water.
  2. Bring the mixture to a low boil or simmer. 
  3. Casually mix your brew around, thinking about what you hope this rose water can accomplish for you. {I like to think thoughts of passion, love, romance, etc., while envisioning pink energy and Auras.}
  4. When your petals have lost most of their color and has been absorbed by the water, your mixture is done.
  5. Let it cool down, strain, and use whenever you need an extra helping of roses in your Magic!

Introducing: Tarot Tuesday

Merry Meet Witchy Friends,

I have decided to start a new segment called Tarot Tuesday where I will pull a Card of The Day as usual, but instead of skimming the surface and including a brief summary for all, I will go into great detail using my intuition. 

Every Tuesday I will pull a card, then post it giving an in-depth description for all who stumble upon this! 

Are you ready to know your journey today for free? Follow me…

Card of The Day

This card is brought to you via the Cosmic Tarot Deck by Norbert Losche.

This card signals a day where harvesting is on the agenda. A harvesting of ideas, love, emotion, food, clothing – this is a harvest of a feminine nature. 

The Empress typically points to femininity, beauty, sensuality, birth and a nurturing, beautiful woman. 

Here, the origin of the card comes into play. The card stays somewhat true to the original meaning, yet is extended to a specific action. This is a day where nurturing and femininity reigns to help you with harvesting {or collecting}.

For some, this could mean collecting antiques of a nurturing and feminine significance.

To others, this could mean an actual harvest like collecting and storing herbs, to tend to energies of an Empress-like nature. 

Today will be a day where the significance of your actions will be on full display for you to see.

Maybe a marriage or emotional protection spell is on the agenda? It is Tuesday after all…


Blessed Be

Tarot Wednesday & A Treat


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Before I get on with the fun and intuitive pleasures, I thought I would share a little about myself…

First of all, I know that ever since I started Tarot Tuesday I have posted on the exact day of Tuesday, just the once. Although it is never okay to owe anyone an explanation, you all aremy readers and do wait for content that I promise. With that in mind, I wanted to explain that the lack of consistency on this platform is due to family issues. 

I do not wish to elaborate, but I do wish to inform you all so you can understand where I am coming from. Family… Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em! Am I right? *Insert Drum Sound*



Card of The Day


This card is brought to you via The Dragon Tarot by Terry Donaldson.

The High Priestess usually points to psychic awareness, the subconscious, higher powers and mystery. She sits between the darkness and the light, represented usually by Solomon’s temple, which suggests it is she who is the mediator between realms and uncovers reality.

As all of you have witnessed with your own intuitive journeys, the cards are not always as they seem. The deciding factor will always be your psychic abilities, to determine whether The High Priestess is an individual, situation, place or way of being. Your intuition {Third Eye Chakra} determines and taps into unseen energy that could lead to uncovering future events. This is all about self-mastery. When you master yourself, you will realise how fluid the human body is because everything is essentially made up of energy. When you tap into this Collective Consciousness, you will be able to determine future situations, past situations and present situations. The accuracy of your readings boil down to your life-path, energy levels and divine guidance. 

With that being said, my intuition is showing me a day where The High Priestess is exactly as the origin of the card dictates. If this day could have a chakra, it would be The Third Eye.

Remember that intuition is not the same for everyone, and that is what makes it perfect. How is it fair that we all interpret the same? Where is the variety and spice of life? 

Some psychics interpret through smell, which leads them to pick up energetic scents from miles, even countries away. Some psychics have premonitions {not the same as intuition}, and have visible visions through their mind’s eye by interpreting the cards. Some psychic love to draw or paint, and that manifests their true desires and needs. This is what makes life perfect: variety. A variation of cultures, beliefs, styles, aesthetics, moods, colours and people.

Submerge yourself in your intuition today. Not just to discern, but to explore, too!


Incense Spell to Heighten Psychic Awareness

Before I begin, it is important to note that everyone perceives smell differently. For example, yesterday I tried a new variety of incense that was labeled as “floral”, but what I smelled was minor hints of floral notes with an overabundance of spicy notes such as Star Anise and Clove. This was because my energy levels yesterday were extremely low and I was nauseous. Flowers usually cause me to feel light and airy, while spicy scents usually bring up my energy levels very fast – that is what I have observed about my self. So, I picked up the spicy scents before the floral ones, because that is what I usually intuitively smell when I need a big push, unlike my affinity to see florals as “light” and “airy”.

 This is the beauty of our individual intuition, the ability to discern and find new ways of being.


This spell is from my own Book of Shadows and is my tried and true to invigorate the senses, especially the Third Eye!


  • If you are able to get your hands on Nag Champa incense, which is very famous in India, it would be an intuitive dream. The scent is extremely nutty and spicy with overlapping hints of sandalwood and sweetness. If not…
  • 1 Part Sandalwood Powder
  • 1 Part Cinnamon Powder
  • 1 Part Star Anise Powder
  • A Small Dollop of Gum {Frankincense, Arabic, Dragon’s Blood etc.}
  • Water
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • This Website: How To: Cone Incense

When you have formed your cone or gathered your ingredients…


  • Find a room where you will not be disturbed, whatsoever. Do this at night when all are asleep, or at an hour when you are certain you will not be disturbed by knocks or voices.
  • Seat yourself in a Lotus Position on the floor. For comfort you can sit on a pillow such as this one.
  • Light your incense and place it in front of you in an incense holder, cauldron, or fireproof bowl.
  • Bring the incense to just below your nose and take in a big inhalation. Place the bowl on the floor for a moment, and close your eyes. 
  • Repeat the following spell THREE times…

Oracle of Lunar Light

Reveal To Me The Second Sight

Meditate just as you normally would, and watch your mind’s eye open up like never before. Leave your incense to burn all the way down, even if your room is filled with smoke. Indulge your smell.



Tarot Friday

Hello Witches and Friends…  

What was supposed to be Tarot Tuesday stretched out to being Tarot Friday today due to Halloween decorations going up in my household! 

As you all know by now, Halloween is just around the corner. Other than its Witchy roots and ethereal attributes, it is famed for its “trick or treating” and joining of neighborhood friends and children alike. With that in mind, you should all know by now that Halloween dècor is no joke to me (or my family 😹). 

I apologize for the delay and hope you all enjoy today’s card 🌹


Card of The Day


This card is brought to you by the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg by Yury Shakov.

The Four of Cups typically points to contemplation, apathy, boredom and an overall feeling of being emotionally stagnant. 

Today, certain aspects of the origin come into play with added details.

The boredom in this particular image on the card is the man (being you, dear stumbler). At this point, the man knows that he is supposed to get something and is patiently waiting – with an overwhelming feeling of apathy and boredom, however. 

The cup emerging from the cloud on the right shows the wait being over. You will get the emotional advancement you’ve been waiting for today. 

What is specifically causing you apathy and boredom will come to pass, and will be replaced by an utter lack of boredom!

Friday is a day for growth after all… 

👾 Magic… Fantasy or Reality? 👾

Hello, Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! 🔮

I would love to start out this post by thanking you all for trusting me with my intuition and journey. I am glad everything I foresaw on my Tarot deck came to fruition, as I told myself when I started this I would never be a 99.9% accurate kinda girl.

It does not mean I never get information wrong however, that is dependent on The Gods and Guides who guide us all. Sometimes information can appear scrambled for adventure, learning, a higher memory capacity, more artwork to absorb and so on and so forth…

With that being said, I can honestly say I have been receiving E-Mails questioning my sanity and weight(?). This has not happened up until I took a giant *dump* on therapists on previous posts.

👾P.S for curiosities’ sake I am a size 12 UK {sometimes bigger by a size or smaller, depending on the brand and/or country}.👾

Pretty needless to say, I am a born Psychic whether you like it, believe it or not. This website is for Witches and those with a curious and open-mind only, not the occasional rude drifters and hobos. When I am in doubt, I do turn to my divination tools to ask my guides why I received such a hurtful comment. More often than naught, it stems from their own personal issues, such as self-consciousness.

I have stated thoroughly, to the very best of my knowledge, the why’s and why not’s of my decision to go public with my troublesome relationship with therapists. Any sane human being would read my posts on therapy, with horror that I had to go through these experiences, not new ammunition on what to say to piss me off.

🔮Being a Witch is not the easiest job and certainly can arise suspicions of mental illness in the Modern World. I have struggled my whole life with accepting speaking about my visions and private life. As much as I hoped it would be well-received, I knew it would also create cognitive dissonance for some people. 🔮


Right about now you may be questioning what intuition and divination tools have to do with “magic”.

Does a reality where will-o-wisps guide the way and true love’s first kiss breaks a spell? Possibly.

But… Magic to a Witch is as simple as connecting with a single grain of rice.


Stay tuned for another segment of Tarot Tuesday tomorrow. If you would like to stroll through previous ones, you can simply click here.

Blessed Be ☯️

Halloween & The Thinning Veil

🎃 Click on the Picture to take you to the website 🎃

I had intended to put up Tarot Tuesday today but rituals are calling and the screams of children trick-or-treating is echoing the roads and filling my garden, so Tarot Tuesday will resume next week! 

I will definitely put up a post tomorrow displaying some of my Halloween dècor. If any of you have pictures of your neighborhood or a fun piece to share, please do Contact Me or leave me a message! 

It is 7:49 PM right now in Greater London as I am typing this, and I can still hear the havoc of Halloween wreaking from my windowsill. I have been accepting families for hours, so I had just shut the doors to continue my practices. A little “get on with your days, as I have more rituals to tend to…”, if you will. 

🕷Enjoy the darker days and Scorpio season. 🕷