👾 Magic… Fantasy or Reality? 👾

Hello, Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! 🔮

I would love to start out this post by thanking you all for trusting me with my intuition and journey. I am glad everything I foresaw on my Tarot deck came to fruition, as I told myself when I started this I would never be a 99.9% accurate kinda girl.

It does not mean I never get information wrong however, that is dependent on The Gods and Guides who guide us all. Sometimes information can appear scrambled for adventure, learning, a higher memory capacity, more artwork to absorb and so on and so forth…

With that being said, I can honestly say I have been receiving E-Mails questioning my sanity and weight(?). This has not happened up until I took a giant *dump* on therapists on previous posts.

👾P.S for curiosities’ sake I am a size 12 UK {sometimes bigger by a size or smaller, depending on the brand and/or country}.👾

Pretty needless to say, I am a born Psychic whether you like it, believe it or not. This website is for Witches and those with a curious and open-mind only, not the occasional rude drifters and hobos. When I am in doubt, I do turn to my divination tools to ask my guides why I received such a hurtful comment. More often than naught, it stems from their own personal issues, such as self-consciousness.

I have stated thoroughly, to the very best of my knowledge, the why’s and why not’s of my decision to go public with my troublesome relationship with therapists. Any sane human being would read my posts on therapy, with horror that I had to go through these experiences, not new ammunition on what to say to piss me off.

🔮Being a Witch is not the easiest job and certainly can arise suspicions of mental illness in the Modern World. I have struggled my whole life with accepting speaking about my visions and private life. As much as I hoped it would be well-received, I knew it would also create cognitive dissonance for some people. 🔮


Right about now you may be questioning what intuition and divination tools have to do with “magic”.

Does a reality where will-o-wisps guide the way and true love’s first kiss breaks a spell? Possibly.

But… Magic to a Witch is as simple as connecting with a single grain of rice.


Stay tuned for another segment of Tarot Tuesday tomorrow. If you would like to stroll through previous ones, you can simply click here.

Blessed Be ☯️

Venting to The Gods


Hello, Fellow Readers and Witches!

I felt the need to place this here after I received a long and inspiring E-Mail from a young female. I will obviously refrain from mentioning her name as that is private and confidential between two women. I will however, go on somewhat of a long rant due to the sudden burst of inspiration I felt reading her traumatic E-Mail.

Now, mind you, this is not the first post I have made about how I have lost faith in therapists and the medical system – ESPECIALLY if you are a spiritually inclined soul, and Oh, My God will I emphasise on this point. After a little introduction, that is…

The plot of this E-Mail is that this young woman is, as I, traumatised by the ignorant and backward behaviour of therapists, especially psychological therapists. The backward behaviour I am referring to is therapists’ unwillingness to change with the times and adopt a more peaceful and tolerant approach, to others ideas and belief systems. I literally find it abhorrent that if people hear voices, schizophrenia is the first thought to come to mind. Then… Why is there a need for religion if believing in God to the point of illness exists? How is this even a possible reality? Ask yourselves that before coming to a logical answer, especially if you plan on telling people their spirit guides communicate with them via sound. 

Clearly, I am mad. For that, I do not apologise. I have sat here for years on social media, blogs and inspirational websites witnessing a void in communication. It feels like I am the only one disgusted by the behaviour of the mental system. Everyone else is “hash-tagging” Mental Illness and making it “cool” again. How about following through on the Starseed task everyone was apparently on? What if I actually got channelled by an Alien? Guess where I have to turn to? Nowhere. Literally, nowhere.


Last year I took it upon myself to see a therapist. I thought, “Why not give it a chance if everyone is apparently benefiting from this? Have a little more faith. Maybe, even, a little more trust.”

I even decided to choose female therapists over males. Just incase, as female friends have stated, a male would have emotional investments tied to me. So, based on my friend’s assumptions and what the internet told me, I ventured on with caution to the wind. After all, these were trained professionals, right?

I was lucky enough to acquire two female therapists by the name of, for sharings sake, Jenny and Jo. I haven’t changed their names as I am sure there are many Jenny and Jo’s in the world.

I began my “session” by stating my troubles as follows: I feel like I live in a world where my spirituality gets me into trouble. I feel like if anything spiritual were to happen to me, I would be considered delusional instead of special (a word not many people like because it secludes others). I feel like my “modern beliefs” get in the way of me connecting closely to my family.

I expected the two therapists (I don’t know why they thought I needed two, but okay, the more the merrier) to obviously debunk my beliefs. Obviously, an academic background involving science does tend to distort one’s senses, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt anyway, given my Arabic heritage and Islamic background.

What I got was basically the equivalent of brainwash, and that is what my dear E-Mailer and I share in common: the belief that therapists need to adopt a more spiritual tactic in their approach, especially if they tend to adopt our spiritual bandwagon when trying out self-help books and shows. 

They both told me my thoughts were border-line delusional because I think “my” spirit guides talk to me. They told me they noticed, over the course of the one month I experimented with this, that I talk to myself. (A habit I do tend to do when I am excited, mind you. This same habit dates back to my father, who liked to be eccentric and mimic people while looking in the mirror). So anyways, I came to find out that was ill of me to do and is a symptom of another money-milking mental disease. They also told me that I have  codependency issues because I am too attached to my best friends, and need to find more female friends to “hang” with (A point I am still coming to terms with because it makes no sense. I am still wondering if it is because I am Arab or if it is because it seemed like I was too excited over them).

I do not wish to add more salt to injury as this already may be too much for people to swallow. I just wished to let out my emotions as best I could, given the interest in what I have to say.


This behaviour of therapists is not uncommon. When I was only thirteen, I witnessed my family get in to the biggest scuffle of all time due to therapists intervening in our personal behaviours, by hosting “family” meetings that they were involved in. In these meetings, they would tell my cousins to freely express to their parents how they feel, swear words included(?). This led to a life-altering brawl between my family, quite literally, Saloon Style. After they milked my family for every penny with traveling to our country, demanding to stay in a swanky hotel, demanding a large salary, hosting therapy sessions everyday; they got fired, barely apologised and left back to South Africa.

Needles to say, I was scarred from the experience. I told myself I would never use therapy as an alternative, no matter how badly I suffered in life.

Fast forward to last year, and the badly suffering was catching up to me. I needed someone to rely on outside my immediate family, a fresh a opinion, if you will. What I got was the same nonsense I witnessed when I was a teenager.

I realised a very dangerous thing: humans cannot tolerate power, period. 

Whenever anyone is given the task to be the ultimate healer, counsellor, or teacher, foolishness is always around. People have unfortunately made me realise that they can never “set their emotions aside”, even professionally. Someone having a bad day and experiencing a severe amount of grief, will always more often than naught, take it out on those around them – especially without admitting it.

So how are we supposed to think therapists are exempt from this behaviour? They are not Gods, after all. Why does everyone seem to be blithely unaware of this fact?

Is it fair to ask of all of us to just accept that people in “powerful” positions are not allowed to be human – not allowed to feel jealous, anxious, shy, intimidated, turned-on, callous and so on? Are they robots sent from the future? Probably not.

This is going to be the last post I make on therapists. I do not wish to take up this space posting this, instead of something educational, spiritual and motivational. I wanted to share my emotions with the only outlet I felt actually released my doubts, fears, insecurities, burdens and sorrows: writing. Whether it be typing or penning my thoughts on paper.

This is the process I found most beneficial.

This is the process that made me realise there is hope: blogging. All of you fellow readers and bloggers made me realise that hope is out there if you seek it.

I started this website only months ago, and it has already made me aware of facts it would have taken me 100 years to acquire.

I would like to end this long rant by thanking everyone for helping me share my wisdom and truth.



Witch Way Now? 

I don’t know about all of you, but the overall emotional energy outside is that of calm and newness. I feel a complete shift in everyone’s energy after the “thinning of veils” last night and the accumulated energy of spell-work in the air. 

It seems all have honored their ancestries in some way, and have tended to Samhain rituals in some form or another. 

We feel we have connected with the The Crone in the triple Goddess right now, if anything, I think we are just starting to get to know her! She comes in the form of Goddesses such as Lilith, Cailleach and Hekate and teaches us to accept the flow of darkness and how it can add, enhance or enliven our spiritual practices. 

Yesterday I drew the Major Arcana Death Card and added it to my altar. I wanted to see what would occur if I incorporated Tarot in my Samhain spell-work and if Death would really meet me at my door step. Will the Dark Mothers answer my calls for renewal and rebirth along with the  words I uttered under a candlelit spell? 

Cailleach answered. She had come to me and I had spotted her through her reflection on my night-stained windows. Among the reflections of trees and howling winds, was the half-veiled face of this transformative Dark Goddess. She peeked at me with her one eye and had an imbruing white glow around her.  

She guided me to pay attention to the ebb and flows of my body, not just with how I think the world is going to affect me, but really feel my insides in the moment. What is my heart telling me? My heart of hearts? Is leaving this yearning okay, or should I fulfill it?  

When we think of darkness and transformation, a negative connotation and image comes to mind. We think of ghouls, demons and scary figures or deception and deceit. We think of being led “astray” like cattle and being easily influenced.

 We have an affinity to tell those touched by darkness they are marked, instead of seeking more answers or seeing the truth of the situation. Is darkness really just black hearts and ill wishes? Is there something more to our fascination with descending into oblivion? Maybe even, solace and release?

The reality is: darkness is not just a part of life, it is life. It is present in our mantras and daily motivations. It is present in therapists and therapy. It is present in justice systems and court rulings. The reality is, without darkness, whether overcoming it or becoming it, there would be no purpose.

What is the purpose of a police officer if there is no crime? None, unless designated to do otherwise.

Everything in life fits in to place, including darkness. This Scorpio season along with the moments leading up to Yule, will test the very foundation of your being. This is a time for you to fixate on the darkness. The darkness will either shape your or consume you.

Which side you’ll end up on? Only you, time and The Gods will tell. 

Enjoy the rest of this day, as I leave you with a few fun Halloween decorations from my garden and home last evening…

Day of The Dead

Won’t you come in?

The White Lady of La Muerta

Dreadful Fates

Have you come for a Trick or a Treat?

La Muerta: Collector of Souls

🎃Happy Halloween To All 🎃

Witchy Treats & Spell

Wasn’t Friday the 13th full of old energy yesterday?! I felt a complete sense of renewal in the emotional department yesterday – especially love. 

In light of yesterday… 

I wanted to put together a Samhain Preparation Spell and a few treats for Witches of all paths and ages.

Halloween, or as Witches love to call it, Samhain is just around the corner. The air has become so crisp and clear with distant scents of burning wood, as the sky turns darker overhead, signaling the coming of this revered day. 

The “Veil Between Worlds” are thinning and contact with the “Season of The Witch” is approaching. On this day, unlike any other day, contacting and acknowledging the dearly departed is most prominent. With that being said…

A more in-depth look in to Samhain will be placed on this blog on the Magical day of Halloween. For now, let’s skip ahead to the spell…

This spell is a spiritual and emotional cleanse. This is intended to filter and clean your spiritual trail so far, preparing you for a night of Divination, Fun & Communing on Halloween


  1. Four Orange Candles {Representing one of the main colours of Samhain and a Sacral Chakra creative release + spark.}
  2. Four Black Candles {Representing removal of negative energy, rebirth, accepting darkness and Crone energy.}
  3. One Small Pumpkin 🎃 
  4. Knife or Athame {For inscribing.}


  1. Practice this in your Altar Room or on your Altar. 
  2. Place your Eight candles as so: orange, black, orange, black, orange, black, orange, black. Either in a half-circle or line in front of you.
  3. Carve your name, age, house number or street on the small pumpkin 🎃 using your Athame or Knife. 
  4. Then, repeat the following spell THREE times…

Pumpkin Orange

Pumpkin New

I Call The Gift of Life Anew 

Maiden, Mother and Now a Crone

I Offer This Fruit To Cleanse My Hearth & Home…

{Leave the Pumpkin on your Altar until Samhain. Snuff your candles out immediately.}

Smoke in Spells…

Using smoke in conjunction with your spellwork or divination is no secret in the world of Witchcraft. It is used to see spirits through smoke, cleanse the space, ease tensions, cleanse, travel out of body {astral travel} and so much more! 

The herbs used to create a smoke blend boil down to taste and your desired result.

When I visited a Shaman in Peru, she smoked natural Tobacco that she grew in her garden and it completely altered my perception of smoke. We demonize Tobacco so much and tie it to lung health because of mainstream cigarettes – cigarettes loaded with a plethora of hidden ingredients to maintain sales and increase addiction. 

Contrary to popular belief, tobacco does not clog your lungs, herbs rarely do actually. That is the work of negative energy, no connection to roots and a complete submersion in science and not our Witchy healers or guides. 

So, now…

What herbs to smoke?

For Lung Health, consider herbs like…

  • Horehound
  • Mullein
  • Hyssop
  • Thyme
  • Marshmallow 
  • Lobelia

For the Nervous System, consider herbs like…

  • Skullcap
  • Passionflower
  • Mugwort
  • Hops
  • Catnip
  • Rose 🌹 
  • Damiana 

For Fun Flavors, consider herbs like…

  • Angelica
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Monarchs
  • Lavender

A little Bonus…

🕸I have been personally using Cannabis as my smoke blend, especially with spells. If you plan on trying this make sure you are a seasoned mind or out of body voyager. This will give you an extreme high, that will take your Crown Chakra places it has never been before! 🕸

Astrology & Aromatherapy…

✒️ Aries: Black Pepper, Frankincense, Lemon and Rosemary are perfect to support your fiery nature.

✒️Taurus: Juniper, Eucalyptus, Chamomile and Patchouli are perfect to nurture and bring out your sensual nature. 

✒️Gemini: Lavender, Thyme, Bergamot and Neroli are perfect to nurture your quick mind. 

✒️Cancer: Peppermint, Fennel, Chamomile and Rose are perfect to help with your sensitive nature and digestion. 

✒️Leo: Ginger, Marjoram, Honeysuckle and Lemon are perfect to keep your heart healthy, fiery and fun.

✒️Virgo: Ylang Ylang, Melissa, Petitgrain and Grapefruit are perfect for soothing feelings of being overwhelmed and increasing endurance. 

✒️Libra: Geranium, Basil, Galang, and Pepper are perfect to nurture your self-support. 

✒️Scorpio: Jasmine, Clary Sage, Sandalwood and Citronella are perfect to support reproductive organ health. 

✒️Sagittarius: Tea Tree, Spear Mint, Sweet Orange and Juniper are perfect to encourage adventures and free spirit. 

✒️Capricorn: Cypress, Cedarwood, Saffron and Myrrh are perfect for success. 

✒️Aquarius: Coriander, Bay, Lime, and Vetyver are perfect to enhance your eccentric personality. 

✒️Pisces: Benzoin, Star Anise, Hemp and Tumeric are perfect to aid in your dreamy nature. 

Have fun and Blessed Be!


Nature’s Natural Sleep Remedy


Just remember, beautiful Witches, each stone correlates to a certain Chakra depending on color. If you want extra love and care and healing on one certain Chakra, say for example your Crown Chakra, use purple crystals such as Amethyst or Lepidolite.  

Blessed Be

Crystals – Nature’s Natural Sleep Remedy – Crystals By Nature For as long as I can remember, I have had difficulties with sleep, and as I grow older, these difficulties have only gotten worse. I am constantly trying new ways to trick my body into rest: aromatherapy, hot baths, orange glasses to block blue light, etc. […]

via Crystals – Nature’s Natural Sleep Remedy – Crystals By Nature — GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

Create A Rift Spell


This is a spell I needed to place here, because I have been asked by countless people, including my conscience.

This spell will create a rift between you and the person you desire. It is not going to create extreme separation, as my guides have guided me to include something powerful yet more comforting.

It will sever ties and make the person, who you want to leave you alone, ignore you for a while while you figure out if this is really what you desire. 

The spell works almost instantaneously yet needs hours to fully take hold.

Once the spell has been concluded, and you will know when they start coming back into your life again, repeat if desired for more permanent results. We often make hasty decisions out of anger, not that they are not correct sometimes, yet we do tend to regret those hasty decisions, sometimes. This spell makes it easier for you to decide, once it has been completed. 


The Spell

This spell includes real pearls. If that seems hard to obtain at the moment, use Seven Clear Quartz Crystals instead. Small in size and easy to carry around. 


  1. Pearl Necklace*
  2. Agatized or Crystallized Coral*
  3. White Candle
  4. Tibetan Singing Bowl
  5. Picture of You and Desired Person

Pearls are alive in every way, and are utilized most commonly in Ancient Tibetan Spells. They come from Oysters, and are a symbol of the cleansing properties of the Sea, and are very calming and Divinely Feminine. Mother of Pearl, more specifically carries with it healing feminine properties, tied to motherhood and connecting with our inner caretaker. 

 Agatized or Crystallized Coral can be used to support trauma therapy and assists in working through emotional issues from dysfunctional families or relationships. It provides the primary energy toward the activation of the divine nature and infinite perfection which is within the self. Agatized Coral can facilitate the projection of energy to create, to sustain, to change, to modify….” — Love is in the Earth-Kaleidoscopic Pictorial, Supplement A by Melody 



  1. Find a nice comfortable spot on the ground, at an hour where it is most quiet in your home or area.
  2. Light the white candle, place your picture frame right next to it and place the pearl necklace on the right-hand side of the frame, hanging.
  3. Place the Coral behind your frame symbolizing protection.
  4. Leave the Tibetan Bowl wherever you choose.
  5. After placing the ingredients in the above order, look at the picture and visualize the desired results. Think about how this rift makes and will make you feel.
  6. Make your Tibetan Bowl sing {a phrase I like to use} by lightly hitting it with the instrument it comes with, and pressing it around the bowl moving deosil.
  7. The Tibetan Bowl’s ringing sound will create a calm in the space, feel your emotions like anger being dispelled.
  8. Place the bowl down, hold your hands over the candle and chant the following, twice: Sever The Ties, Sever The Bonds, Create A Rift That Lasts Long. When I Realize The Bond That Stays, Mend My Broken Tired Ways.
  9. Leave the candles to burn for Fifteen Minutes, and then snuff it out. 
  10. Enjoy your new-found freedom! 

IMG_0002 Blessed Be


Faerie Card & Garden

**Fairy World**

This post is going to contain a Fairy Card Message and a little fun surprise…

A lot of people have been asking me what herbs attract faeries and what a Fairy Garden is. After seeing many orbs and different faerie figures, I felt confident enough to answer the question, as I would love everyone to experience what I am with them. If you haven’t seen a faerie yet, it may be because your energy needs more fine-tuning, they find it hard to cope with any negativity as that does not exist on their realm. Try a simple Ten Minute Meditation like this

The video is one hour long, but feel free to shorten it to suit your needs. Holding your intention on what you want to perceive, helps bring that thought to fruition. After all, that is how Magic works. Creating energy and transmuting it.

They appear to all who believe, and even more so to those who believe and have a faerie garden. I hope this will be as fun for you, as it was for me.

I will add a few example of faerie gardens and herbs…




400x260-ct.gifFaerie Garden 400x260-ct.gif





mainpageherb.gifHerbs & Flowers Fae Lovemainpageherb.gif


  1. Mint: All varieties of mint. Spearmint, Peppermint, it doesn’t matter. They are sweet and have a really light aroma. They attract all kinds of butterflies, moths and when it is quiet enough… fae too.
  2. Rosemary: They have a fresh bathroom-like scent and are excellent to add to home-made shower gels, soaps, and shampoos. Their fresh aroma invites all kinds of mysterious wonder.
  3. Daisies: They are a summer staple and look just like a faerie’s bed. 
  4. Classic English Bluebell: Hyacinthoides non scripta, or English bluebells, are dark violet blue and very fragrant. They bloom downwards and are a-typical of what normal faerie images depict.
  5. Thyme: Highly aromatic and a mix of sweet and pungent, this herb is a faerie’s playground. They get attracted to flavourful herbs and flowers, making this a staple not only for the kitchen but your faerie garden, too.
  6. Za’atarThis plant is popular in the Middle East and the Mediterranean and has many varieties – any will do. They have a peppery scent and can withstand heat.

  7. Lemongrass: If you want to feel constantly like you’re in a Spa environment, this herb is the one to choose. It is refreshing to steep in water and smell, and grows pretty easily.
  8. Jasmine: This is probably my favourite flower of the moment. The aroma is very sweet, strong, and sedating. It has been dubbed by the Telegraph  to be as “calming as Valium”. Fae love feeling warm, safe and calm. Plus, this can be used as a nice necklace, which was very sacred to me growing up, watching certain family members with Jasmine-filled-necklaces. 


I found this lovely story on Jasmine’s restorative properties on one of my favourite aromatherapy websites. If you have any stories to add, or visible therapeutic experiences with healing plants, faeries, and fae please share them. I love a good exchange of information.

A woman lies in her bed, she is ill and though her loved ones are caring for her, she doesn’t seem to notice them in her distress. 
As the lights burn low and night is at its deepest, there comes an ancient spirit in the guise of a wise old woman into the house where all are sleeping now, save for the sick woman who is battling for her life. 
The wise old one comes and sits on her bed, takes her hand and from them flows a river of the oldest love, the love of life, soothing the woman in body, mind and soul, and healing her, turning the tide.

Sometimes with all the negative energies in the world, it can be hard to remember that we all come from Divine Love. 


Blessed Be



Anger Banishment Spell

blood trail

. . . if you can tell the difference between good advice and bad advice, you don’t need advice.
Laurence J. Peter


It is often realised that when psychotherapists and therapists give extremely poor advice, they are abusers themselves who do not want to get caught.

Anyone can Google “Self Care” and read a good “Eat, Pray, Love” book for some good advice on taking care of yourself. 

What is a therapists job? To recommend a good book or nice place to eat, or to be a solid outside opinion to talk to and fall on? I don’t know about you, but if the standard for life is to go to a psychologist, psychotherapist, or therapist to feel better or to heal your inner sicknesses and traumas; sue me for thinking “take care of yourself” is ill advice. 

There are two reasons for such behaviour, and excuse me as an Empath for revealing the horrific truth: they are abusers who took the job to find victims to abuse OR… they just simply give shitty advice.

Now, the first, is not usually taken in kind. Sociopaths and Psychopaths exist, there is no denying that. They can be your mother, father, maid, teacher or even… your local therapist. To me, they are the most malevolent and devious, knowing what job to choose to be seen as the saviour and saving grace, only to manipulate people who need help in obscene ways.

I must admit… I really, honestly, truly, empathetically, do not give even the smallest inkling of shit particles on how this will be received.

People defend abusers all too often, and anybody with a PhD gets a free green card and fresh approval from everyone. How this came to happen? Ask yourselves. 

If someone comes to you, dear Psycho, with stories of severe trauma and heartbreak, looking to heal their inner wounds “professionally”, you better at least act the part. At least, that. 

You cannot tell someone who just opened up to you, to take care of themselves when they are looking for some real opinions. Well, gee, Doc, I didn’t think of that myself… If only, I could just switch off my emotions and be…. you.

Then, which always happens, people with a PhD will always make fun of those who turn to Divination Tools. It’s so funny how we lost faith in everyone that we decided to turn to something “greater than ourselves”.

With this being the theme for today and honestly, pretty much my whole life, this spell and blog has been a long time coming…

an Anger Banishment Spell is in order…


Anger Banishment Spell


This will remove your anger almost instantaneously, but gradually. It is actually pushing me to type this up, each anger portal being released at a time, witch each word.

If this has not worked for you, it could be possible you are carrying more anger than you bargained for. Repeat this two to three times back to back.


  1. Half an Onion
  2. Spring Water
  3. Salt
  4. Black Candle
  5. Bowl


  1. Pour the water in the bowl while imagining black smoke filling the entire bowl.
  2. Sprinkle a pinch-full of salt in the water.
  3. Place the half onion inside the mix.
  4. Light the black candle.
  5. Look at the flame while asking it to absorb your anger. 
  6. Place both hands in the bowl while staring at the flame, chant the following THREE times:
With this Water I Bind My Anger
I Send it Through Salty Springs
It Is My Will, So Mote It be!


“Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose, or paint can manage to escape the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.” 
― Graham Greene


Blessed Be


Card of The Day


This card is for Tuesday, May the 30th.

This card rings true to the meaning.

Sometimes in life you meet people who can’t seem to let you go. Those who have no light love leeching off those who do, and it can be hard for them to ever let go.

It is not easy staying true to yourself and handing out compassion to all.

If you find yourself ever having to stoop so low, remind yourself if this person really means anything to you, ten years from now. You will meet someone today, whether online or in person and they will remind you of all the reasons why hope matters.


“There once was a woman who believed that to give is good, and to receive is bad. So she gave and gave of her belongings, until there was nothing left to give. She gave and gave of her time, until it was all taken up with giving. 
She gave and gave to her family and friends, until she was so starved and exhausted, that she fell down and died; and thus, was of no use to anyone any longer, and least of all, to herself. “


The story above I found on an aromatherapy website. It went along with one of the herbs, as a story, to show its benefits.

When you are naturally a good person, it can be hard finding the balance between not tipping the scale and being chipper all the time. Feeling angry all day sucks to people like us. It feels unfunny, boring and just not soulfully satisfying. It can be tempting to go the other side and just give and tell yourself, you’ll find peace on the other side.

Why have these thoughts, ever? Because sticking it back to someone hurts so much? Or is it because, sensitives know that feeling everyone’s energy is humiliating, because you cannot accept that someone would be that humiliated by your reply.

I paused this for a second to answer a message from my cousin. I had asked him to pick two cards for me and send me a picture. I received the Knight of Cups & The Two of Cups. The Knight giving me, the card above, Two of Cups. Couldn’t be more synchronistic from such an unplanned event.


Have Fun and Blessed Be..

If You Need To Talk Message Me