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A Witch’s first sacred rule is to be one with Nature and Nature’s Animals. I know most Witches cannot stand or tolerate animals being hurt or mistreated by others. How can we understand what Earth’s herbs, fruits and berries can do for us; if we don’t find Nature sacred first? 

I must say, I do respect that in a Witch. Having absolute faith in the holiness on Earth, not just above. How us being here can also be comforting and how it ties to Angelic Realms (You are free to imagine Golden Gates and a Pearly White staircase here).

I think it is no secret that I love animals (I said this to my mother and she said it is a secret, kind of offended, so I’ll think I’ll state that here). When you truly connect with an animal and can feel their energy, it might come as a shock to some how calming their energies are. 


I went to a seminar a couple of years ago and met a lovely English woman there, who currently resides in Bahrain as a Psychic and Energy Healer. She hosts very insightful events and meditation groups ~ I had the pleasure of joining one evening. We spoke about the energies in Bahrain and how it feels like a strong wave is growing here (I say wave because she recalled a story where one of her clients had just gotten in from New Zealand and could not stand the Energies in Bahrain. She felt extremely depressed and took the next flight back).

Why that happened? I am not exactly sure. It could be because Bahrain has a strong magical History, tying Gilgamesh, The Flower and Tree of Life to this area. I took to the internet to find more answers and found this fascinating article from The New York Times from 1984:

The land of Dilmun is holy, the land of Dilmun is pure. In Dilmun no cry the raven utters, Nor does the bird of ill-omen foretell calamity. The lion kills not, nor does the ravening wolf Snatch away the defenseless lamb.

Unknown is the wild dog who tears the kid. The dove does not conceal its head. No one here says, ”My eyes are sick,” No one here says, ”My head is sick,” No one here says, ”I am an old woman,” No one here says, ”I am an old man.” The maiden walks here in innocence. No lustrations need to be poured. The somber death priest walks not here, By Dilmun’s walls he has no cause for lamentations. 


These words come from one of the world’s oldest poems. It was first written down some 4,000 years ago in the ancient Sumerian city of Nippur near the Euphrates, using cuneiform wedge script on a clay tablet. 

The poem tells about the doings of the gods at the dawn of time in a sacred island paradise called Dilmun, a place closely resembling the Garden of Eden, where death and sickness did not exist and sweet waters flowed.

Holy Dilmun is mentioned in many other cuneiform writings of that period. The epic hero Gilgamesh goes there to obtain the secret of eternal life from Ziusudra, who alone among mankind survived the Great Flood after building an ark on instructions from Enki, Lord of the Abyss and Ruler of the Sweet Waters Under the Earth. 

Gilgamesh dives into the sea with stones attached to his feet and brings up the ”Flower of Immortality.” In a clear parallel with the biblical story of Adam and Eve, he allows a serpent to eat the flower, cheating mankind of its benefits. 

Other ancient records show that 4,000 years ago Dilmun was also a great trading center and the capital of an empire. Yet until 1857 when Sir Henry Rawlinson, a British scholar, discovered how to read cuneiform and the first references to this ancient island paradise were deciphered, the name of Dilmun had vanished from the collective memory of mankind.

And the collective memory of mankind remerged and churned out another name – The Kingdom of Bahrain.


With Nature’s elements being the key to this post (and story), I decided to place Two Spells Here: Connecting With Your Animal and Helping Nature Grow.

Connecting With Your Animal


  1. Rosemary Essential Oil
  2. Goddess Diana
  3. Pictures or ornaments that remind you of your Animal. This will strengthen your spell.
  4. One Light Blue Candle2
  5. One Purple Candle3
  6. Cooking Pot


Goddess Diana (meaning “heavenly” or “divine”) was the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon. She adored wild animals and frolicking in The Woods. She had The Power to talk to and control animals. She was equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, who equally loved animals and was known for having a Sacred Deer as her Animal Totem. 


Light Blue is a very calming colour and reminds me of a new born baby, boy. We always see hues of pastel colours in delivery rooms and there is a strong reason for that; pastels are calming and nurturing. 


Purple is the colour of our Crown Chakra. Using colours that correlate to our Chakra helps with strength.


  1. Bring your cooking pot to a low boil and add one drop of Rosemary. Most animals are not accustomed to drinking Essential Oils, so add one drop the first time you try this spell and add more accordingly.
  2. Bring the heat all the way down, let your water cool and pour water into your animal’s drinking bowl.  
  3. Take the bowl to your altar. If you do not have an altar or area of practice, a nice comfortable spot somewhere in your home will do.
  4. Place your pet’s ornaments around the bowl.
  5. Place one of the candles on the left and one on the right. Light them.
  6. Place your hands above your bowl and repeat the following: “Diana Goddess of Hunt and Home, Make Me Hear What is Unknown. My Animals Bring Me Peace and Hone, Let Their Thoughts Show Through Their Face”.

819c14e58fcf0014a6bafdcaa584ee7aHelp Nature Grow819c14e58fcf0014a6bafdcaa584ee7a


  1. A Small Square of Natural Fabric (Muslin or Hessian Fabric will do)
  2. Hemp Oil
  3. Blue Berry Leaves


  1. Find a nice comfortable spot next to the plant you would like to help grow. I tried this with my Lime Tree and it worked just fine. I planted it last year and it is already half the size of my Palm Tree. Don’t be surprised if the fruit tastes more sour 😀
  2. Drop a few drops of Hemp Oil on to the cloth and repeat the following three times: “Help Me Nature Find A Spot, By This Tree And By This Rock. When One Week Passes And Before The Third Make This Plant Grow More And More”.
  3. Place the Blue Berry Leaves in middle of the fabric and roll the fabric from the top to the bottom, forming a scroll. If leaves fall to the ground leave it, it was meant to be.
  4. Put the rolled fabric in soil and enjoy.

Good Luck and Blessed Be



Card of The Day {Thursday}

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 7.09.39 PM.png

Curb your instinct. You may inadvertently say things that will put other people in a bad mood and cause you problems. Think before acting, and when you have cooled off and decided that it is the right moment to act, then do it decisively.

Remember, cards are not always exactly as they seem. Use the imagery on the cards along with the meaning, and remember to always trust your intuition.


Thursday  – Is associated with Jupiter and the colours of – Blue and Metallic Colours.

Thursday is the best time to deal with such matters as:  Business, Gambling, Social Matters, Political Power, Material Wealth, Publishing, Collage Education, Long Distance Travel, Foreign Interests, Religion, Philosophy, Forecasting, Broadcasting, Publicity, Expansion, Luck, Growth, Sports, Horses, The Law, Doctors, Guardians, Merchants, Psychologists, Charity, Correspondence Courses, Self-improvement, Researching, Reading and Studying.



Animal Totem for Today


By Ina Woolcott

Armadillo’s medicine includes – understanding your personal boundaries, respecting the boundaries of others, carrying your protection with you at all times, understanding your vulnerabilities, empathy, discrimination, medicine shield safety, being grounded.

To defend itself, the armadillo will roll itself into a ball, becoming completely armoured against attack. This teaches us how to consciously define our own emotional and physical boundaries.

Armadillo wears its armour on its back, its medicine is this part of its body. Its boundaries of safety are a part of its whole being. Adjust your rhythms and senses to know what is safe and what is not. Armadillo teaches you how to protect yourself and when to let your defences down, to let others in to your space.

You can make yourself an energy body shield using Armadillo medicine. Draw a circle on a piece of paper and view it as a medicine shield. In the circle write down all the things that you want to have, experience, and those things that bring you joy. This shield reflects who you are and what you will be on an unconscious level. When you Armadillo comes into your life, it is time to define your space. You may have difficulty saying ‘no’ and are being taken for granted. You must learn to guard your personal space and allow entry only when you want.



Gods & Goddesses To Call On For Strength

Marduk was the patron god of Babylon who presided over justice, compassion, healing, regeneration, magic, and fairness. Light the Thursday correspondence colors above, and call upon this God to help with all your Thursday values.

Honos was the god of chivalry, honor and military justice. He was depicted in art with a lance and a cornucopia. He was sometimes identified with the deity Virtus. Use Gold candles in particular when asking for this God’s favor, but this can always be substituted with the correspondence colors above.

Minerva was the Roman goddess who Romans from the 2nd century BC onwards equated with the Greek goddess Athena. She was the virgin goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic. Although white altar candles alone can usually be used to invoke the female Deities, using a special candle of the appropriate sacred color when invoking a particular goddess can intensify your intention and amplify your needs, her sacred candle colors are purple and white. If you choose to use the correspondence colors instead, feel free to do so.

Diana, Roman and moon goddess, mother goddess and virgin huntress of the moon. Her huntress energy can garner a lot of feminine fiery results, when dealing with Thursday Correspondence issues. Her sacred candle colors are silver and white. You may use white altar candles to invoke feminine energy, as mentioned above, or Thursday Correspondence colors, Blue and Metallic colors.


Enjoy your Thursday!

Blessed Be






Card of The Day


I was asked to post a Card of The Day as I have not posted one for a while, and thought there would be no better way to start the day today then using an Animal Totem card.

If you are new to Animal Totem’s and do not know too much about them, I elaborated a little more on what they mean on my last Animal Totem post, here.


I received this Spirit Animal by way of nature last year, and it was an extremely transitional period in my life. My entire being and life-path shifted and I found soul truth and solace. 

Pulling this card again this year round, signals major soul changes, as the card puts it “a new way of being is emerging for you”.

If you are lucky enough to live near a park or own flowers that attract Butterflies, be sure to notice them, as they will guide you! ❤




Blessed Be


Card of The Day


The phrase Animal Spirit Guide is just what the name implies: Spirit Guides who are in Animal Form. Sometimes they care called spirit animals, totem animals or power animals. This is another way other than Divination Tools that our guides can communicate with us through our journey. 90a4e926236a200d5328517384c22370.png

Animals are seen as creatures of purity, and finding solace and connecting to your Guides through Spirit, can help you to understand yourself, your path, troubles and happy times too. 8e79fe00119ced73e79be471a7674b8a.png

Spirit Animals don’t always appear as a literal animal. You could dream about one, then someone brings that animal up in conversation, or spotting it while flipping through the television. You could see a backpack and are drawn to the animal on it, then hear that animal synchronistically or coincidentally for the following days, weeks, or months. 9d8058d0b6191319d61d82d6d0a54792-1.png

Be sure to research that animal. There are websites galore on Spirit Animals and Totem Animals. You’ll quickly see why that animal chose you. 8d7504e76a931ea16c97f390c83a8205.png

The Butterfly was my Spirit Animal once and I couldn’t stop seeing it for a month. I went to have lunch on the beach and a butterfly started flying right in front of my face. Two days later I received a package from my grandparents who got me teas and biscuits from travels, the packaging and tea set, were filled with different Butterfly designs. b768dd197d7e875dd2b7d5a32342383d-1.png

I researched what it meant and it entirely resonated with what I was going through, and how I behaved. 


This card does not only portray tough in the literal sense. You can be tough emotionally as well as physically. Wolverines are considered very wise, yet vicious when intimidated. They are land-dwelling animals that know where the river ends and flows, and know when the best catch is, making them wise beyond their years. They are more vicious than bears, bears are calmer and more nurturing but can leave their mark, especially if you plan on harming their cubs. 🐻

The Wolverines are a little more volatile and sensitive. So this can show a day where emotions are high and not to be tampered with. Yet, the card shows you can and will prosper. 1f959810c2780d2241d3fe8e6ae19ebf


Blessed Be