Hello My New Friend,
 I hope you have already found a dose of what you are searching for. Light a joint (or three) and find a nice comfortable spot.
My name is Thajba Al Khalifa, but you can call me the Aboriginal Witch.
I started this blog as a safe haven, informational website and fun chill spot of sorts.
Why Angel Remedy?
It is the start and bane of my journey. The question and The answer. The very reason that led me to the end of my first life cycle & the start of my second.
But the main reason; is my complete bafflement in everyone’s detachment from the stereotypical view of Angels, wings & all. People are so quick to absorb faeries, dark lore and all sorts of mysterious wonder but never anything tainted.
I felt it my duty, very clichè of me to say, I beg you all to keep reading…
I felt it my duty and my solemn vow to myself, to speak my truth as I have always encouraged others to do.
And so this began, my truth…