Herb of The DayΒ 

Happy Sunday All! 

Today has been an interesting day for me. I woke up with feelings of excitement coupled with lethargy and did not know which energy to work with. I felt the need to move or go somewhere but had no willpower. A blocked willpower? Definitely a diminished Solar Plexus, that I know, but I just needed more.

So, being a Witch, I took it upon myself to visit a natural healer of sorts – but what kind? 

After debating back and forth in my mind, I decided to test out Acupuncture or TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The results were astoundingly amazing, but what caught my attention is the herb she recommended to me to boost my energy levels: Cordyceps.

Upon researching it and trying it for the first time, I must say I was impressed. As soon as I ingested the Herbal capsule I felt a surge of energy beginning in my Heart Chakra flowing and vibrating to the rest of my body. 

Increased energy? Definitely. But let’s take a look at why…

This day may have started off on rocky grounds, but it ended with a much needed retreat. 

I will continue to visit Chinese Acupuncture and will keep you all updated on the results. If you would like a collaboration with the place, where I can post pictures and maybe interview the practitioner, please do let me know.

Autumn Prosperity TeaΒ 

Being in London this time of year really brings out the inner kitchen Witch in me. The side roads and gardens are scattered with hues of Autumn πŸ‚, Samhain is cheekily peeking through its dark curtains and there is nothing more enlightening than witnessing London in its painting-like-glory on an afternoon stroll. 

I whipped up a lovely tea recipe today for Autumn along with a Spell. I do not usually include pictures or a tutorial but my Sacral Chakra is getting doses of orange in the form of crystals, colour and magic. I felt the need to tap into more creativity today. 

Before we get on with the brew, however, and spell, I wanted to share a few nature snapshots I took today. Call it a little Witchy Inspiration if you will…

The coiling of tree trunks and branches: dark, mysterious and otherworldly.

The scrunching footsteps of Autumn…

Streets of Autumn Serenity.

If you plan on using any of the pictures for your own personal use, please provide a link back.

 Thank you! 

And now, the spell…

My herbal tea blend, above.


  1. Water
  2. Oolong Tea
  3. Green Tea
  4. Red Tea
  5. A Pinch of Ground Cinnamon
  6. Two Pumpkin Seeds
  7. Two Cardamom Seeds
  8. {I incorporated circle magic here by using Autumn leaves, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon & nutmeg – this step is optional.}
  9. Winter scented candle such as this:



  1. If you would like to cast your circle, do so now by using the ingredients above.
  2. Light your scented candle and place it in the circle. 
  3. In a bowl, mix together the tea powders using your fingertips. This enhances the intent by using your energy and feeling the herbs. 
  4. Add a pinch of cinnamon.
  5. Add your seeds to the bowl now, too. 
  6. Recite the following spell aloud, while placing both hands above the bowl: 🍁Green Tea brings prosperity, Red Tea shows what I can’t see, Oolong bringing burst of treats, add a pinch of cinnamon to ground and clean. So Mote It Be will end the spell and transport me to being well.🍁
  7. Steep the blend in water and drink. Enjoy! 

Introducing: Tarot Tuesday

Merry Meet Witchy Friends,

I have decided to start a new segment called Tarot Tuesday where I will pull a Card of The Day as usual, but instead of skimming the surface and including a brief summary for all, I will go into great detail using my intuition.Β 

Every Tuesday I will pull a card, then post it giving an in-depth description for all who stumble upon this!Β 

Are you ready to know your journey today forΒ free? Follow me…

Card of The Day

This card is brought to you via the Cosmic Tarot Deck by Norbert Losche.

This card signals a day where harvesting is on the agenda. A harvesting of ideas, love, emotion, food, clothing – this is a harvest of a feminine nature.Β 

The Empress typically points to femininity, beauty, sensuality, birth and a nurturing, beautiful woman.Β 

Here, the origin of the card comes into play. The card stays somewhat true to the original meaning, yet is extended to a specific action. This is a day where nurturing and femininity reigns to help you with harvesting {or collecting}.

For some, this could mean collecting antiques of a nurturing and feminine significance.

To others, this could mean an actual harvest like collecting and storing herbs, to tend to energies of an Empress-likeΒ nature.Β 

Today will be a day where the significance of your actions will be on full display for you to see.

Maybe a marriage or emotional protection spell is on the agenda? It is Tuesday after all…


Blessed Be

Witchy Treats & Spell

Wasn’t Friday the 13th full of old energy yesterday?! I felt a complete sense of renewal in the emotional department yesterday – especially love. 

In light of yesterday… 

I wanted to put together a Samhain Preparation Spell and a few treats for Witches of all paths and ages.

Halloween, or as Witches love to call it, Samhain is just around the corner. The air has become so crisp and clear with distant scents of burning wood, as the sky turns darker overhead, signaling the coming of this revered day. 

The “Veil Between Worlds” are thinning and contact with the “Season of The Witch” is approaching. On this day, unlike any other day, contacting and acknowledging the dearly departed is most prominent. With that being said…

A more in-depth look in to Samhain will be placed on this blog on the Magical day of Halloween. For now, let’s skip ahead to the spell…

This spell is a spiritual and emotional cleanse. This is intended to filter and clean your spiritual trail so far, preparing you for a night of Divination, Fun & Communing on Halloween


  1. Four Orange Candles {Representing one of the main colours of Samhain and a Sacral Chakra creative release + spark.}
  2. Four Black Candles {Representing removal of negative energy, rebirth, accepting darkness and Crone energy.}
  3. One Small Pumpkin πŸŽƒ 
  4. Knife or Athame {For inscribing.}


  1. Practice this in your Altar Room or on your Altar. 
  2. Place your Eight candles as so: orange, black, orange, black, orange, black, orange, black. Either in a half-circle or line in front of you.
  3. Carve your name, age, house number or street on the small pumpkin πŸŽƒ using your Athame or Knife. 
  4. Then, repeat the following spell THREE times…

Pumpkin Orange

Pumpkin New

I Call The Gift of Life Anew 

Maiden, Mother and Now a Crone

I Offer This Fruit To Cleanse My Hearth & Home…

{Leave the Pumpkin on your Altar until Samhain. Snuff your candles out immediately.}

Smoke in Spells…

Using smoke in conjunction with your spellwork or divination is no secret in the world of Witchcraft. It is used to see spirits through smoke, cleanse the space, ease tensions, cleanse, travel out of body {astral travel} and so much more! 

The herbs used to create a smoke blend boil down to taste and your desired result.

When I visited a Shaman in Peru, she smoked natural Tobacco that she grew in her garden and it completely altered my perception of smoke. We demonize Tobacco so much and tie it to lung health because of mainstream cigarettes – cigarettes loaded with a plethora of hidden ingredients to maintain sales and increase addiction. 

Contrary to popular belief, tobacco does not clog your lungs, herbs rarely do actually. That is the work of negative energy, no connection to roots and a complete submersion in science and not our Witchy healers or guides. 

So, now…

What herbs to smoke?

For Lung Health, consider herbs like…

  • Horehound
  • Mullein
  • Hyssop
  • Thyme
  • Marshmallow 
  • Lobelia

For the Nervous System, consider herbs like…

  • Skullcap
  • Passionflower
  • Mugwort
  • Hops
  • Catnip
  • Rose 🌹 
  • Damiana 

For Fun Flavors, consider herbs like…

  • Angelica
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Monarchs
  • Lavender

A little Bonus…

πŸ•ΈI have been personally using Cannabis as my smoke blend, especially with spells. If you plan on trying this make sure you are a seasoned mind or out of body voyager. This will give you an extreme high, that will take your Crown Chakra places it has never been before! πŸ•Έ

Astrology & Aromatherapy…

βœ’οΈ Aries: Black Pepper, Frankincense, Lemon and Rosemary are perfect to support your fiery nature.

βœ’οΈTaurus: Juniper, Eucalyptus, Chamomile and Patchouli are perfect to nurture and bring out your sensual nature. 

βœ’οΈGemini: Lavender, Thyme, Bergamot and Neroli are perfect to nurture your quick mind. 

βœ’οΈCancer: Peppermint, Fennel, Chamomile and Rose are perfect to help with your sensitive nature and digestion. 

βœ’οΈLeo: Ginger, Marjoram, Honeysuckle and Lemon are perfect to keep your heart healthy, fiery and fun.

βœ’οΈVirgo: Ylang Ylang, Melissa, Petitgrain and Grapefruit are perfect for soothing feelings of being overwhelmed and increasing endurance. 

βœ’οΈLibra: Geranium, Basil, Galang, and Pepper are perfect to nurture your self-support. 

βœ’οΈScorpio: Jasmine, Clary Sage, Sandalwood and Citronella are perfect to support reproductive organ health. 

βœ’οΈSagittarius: Tea Tree, Spear Mint, Sweet Orange and Juniper are perfect to encourage adventures and free spirit. 

βœ’οΈCapricorn: Cypress, Cedarwood, Saffron and Myrrh are perfect for success. 

βœ’οΈAquarius: Coriander, Bay, Lime, and Vetyver are perfect to enhance your eccentric personality. 

βœ’οΈPisces: Benzoin, Star Anise, Hemp and Tumeric are perfect to aid in your dreamy nature. 

Have fun and Blessed Be!


Card of The Day & Witchy Treats!Β 

 Today I decided to pull a card at home and post it via the Internet. 

This card comes courtesy of my Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer.

Camels always have the necessary tools to withstand their tiresome journeys and lands with excruciating heat, such as their humpback storage system! 

The message I am receiving and what the card is conveying is much deeper than a simple cheer and words of wisdom. This is a message to pay attention to the resources you think you do not have. 

Just like the camel has a secret survival kit, you do too, it is just hidden where you haven’t looked and is just within your reach…

Spell of The Day…

Energizing Beauty Pond…


  • Clean Bathroom Sink
  • Two Gold Candles
  • Two Cups of Ice
  • Goddess Oil {Any one you are drawn too. If not available mix equal parts of different flower essences. In this instance sweet over musky works best.}
  • Petals From One Lilly


  • Close the sink drainage system by covering it. Fill it with tap water.
  • Add the ice and light your two candles, then placing them on either sides of your sink. 
  • Drop 7-10 drops of your Goddess Oil.
  • Sprinkle your petals for the final touch.
  • Completely submerge your face in the water for a few seconds at a time, for as long as you choose…

This goes without saying but the water will be Ice Cold. This will wake you up and energize you as well as completely shocking your energetic system. If the water is too cold, try dunking your face twice for two seconds at a time! 

Wisdom of The Day…

A wise old man who has been a teacher for many years is sick and in pain…

He can’t sleep so he goes outside to find solace in prayer and contemplation as he has done for nearly all his life, but the pain keeps breaking his concentration. And on this night, there is no solace – all seems just an illusion, and the only reality that is left, is suffering and death. He starts to cry but then… a flashing star in the sky above catches his eye.

As he looks up at the star, he hears a far away whisper – and in his heart, a sense of wonderment begins to grow that last he felt when he was just a child. 

And with this wonderment, the pain begins to fade away – it leaves him not, but now the night is life once more, alive once more, and death is not yet here.

🎐 Story via my Storybook Collection 🎐

More Witchy Treats to come tomorrow! Stay tuned for more! 

Blessed Be

Thajba 🏷

Auras: A More Detailed Look

A Witch’s fascination with reading people and delving into their soul, knows no bounds. Other than Divination Tools such as tea readings, tarot and oracle cards, reading auras is not a thing of the present. This Ancient practice dates back to long before the Salem Witch Trials. 

Witches used energy {auras} along with their psychic tendencies, to get to the root of healing and unlock spiritual truths. 

Today, the practice has skyrocketed to mainstream glory and is a topic that peaks the interest of all who are into the occult. 

What is an Aura?

An Aura could best be described as the energy given off by a person, place or object. Many people are able to either see or ‘sense’ auras, which usually appear as a haze of light or color surrounding someone or something. 

The colour an Aura emanates can have many correspondences, which directly relates to someone’s mood, spiritual path, external surroundings and health. 

Myths and Truths of Auras…

  1. It Is Always The Same Colour:- This depends from person to person. One colour can be dominant, but when faced with perplexing situations or multitasking, auras tend to change colours. A person can also have a multicolored or rainbow Aura. The possibilities are endless due to all the spiritual possibilities. 
  2. Your Aura Is Your Shield:- Whilst it is possible to utilize your energy and auric field to shield yourself through Magic from parasitic energies, your Aura alone is not enough. Auras are by no means a barrier against unwanted spirits, unless you have been working on doing so through spells, intent, visualization etc.
  3. Are Auras Chakras?:- No. Your chakras are the energetic wheels of your body, responsible for your vitality and overall health. Auras are emitted around a person, place or object which means it is the subjects current energetic state. Your chakras hold on to all the information you have ever come across, while your Aura is more of a tell on what is going on. You can make assumptions on chakra health based on viewing and reading someone’s Aura. 
  4. Can I View Auras?:- Yes. There are endless spells to utilize and Herbal blends. Some Witches have the gift of seeing Auras on people, some objects and even homes, or a Witch can possess all three. 
  5. Do Animals Have Auras?:- Animals have different energetic systems than we do. They do not face the same difficulties humans do and walk a different energetic path. Nonetheless, reading Animal Auras is extremely popular as of late. Although they are different, it is extremely common and can be done. 
  6. Is It An Aura or Just Light?:- If you are lucky enough to sense energies and see them, you’ll be able to know immediately. Upon spotting them, if there is no visible light source emanating from said object or person, then you can definitely rule that out. Try viewing Auras in The Sun or a dimly lit room with A Spell. Those two are my personal tools. 
  7. Does Aura Photography Work?:- Deffinitley but not always. If you would like to see photography of flowers I took with their Auras, you can simply click here.
  8. Can We See Angels Through Auras?:- Always. 

Colour Correspondence Guide…

RED πŸ“•:-

Centered, Grounded, Passionate 

When Muddy or Dark: Angry, Overstimulated Energetically, Anxiety


Powerful, Sexually Confident, Aroused, Creative Spark, Pregnancy 

When Muddy or Dark: Sexually Repressed, Creative Block, Fertility Problems

YELLOW πŸ“’:- 

Playful, Joyful, Confidence, Will Power, Strength 

When Muddy or Dark: Insecurities, Lack of Will, Aesthetically Jealous, Psychic Vampire 

GREEN πŸ“—:-

Healing, Plant Healer, Heart Health, Deep Emotional Satisfaction 

When Muddy or Dark: Jealous Person, Sickness, Disease 

BLUE πŸ“˜:- 

Honesty, Angels {Mostly Light in Color}, Talkative 

When Muddy or Dark: Depression, Sadness, Gloom


Mindreader, Mystic, Psychic Abilities

When Muddy or Dark: Psychic Attack, Negativity Towards Occult, Dimmed Outlook on Life

WHITE πŸ”–:-

Purity, Pure Soul, Enlightenment, Newness

When Muddy or Dark {Gray}: Feeling Nothing, No Conscience, Dark Cloud 


This is never a good sign. You are under extreme negative influences or are possessed. Please seek immediate help. 

BROWN πŸ¦‡:-

Fear of Unknown, Disliking Nature, Disconnect From Environment 

PINK 🌸:- 

True Love, Femininity

When Muddy or Dark: Tainted Love, Dulled Love


Awakening, Angelic Guidance, Channeling, Light Spirits, Emotional Wealth, Spiritual Wealth 


Innate Ability To Heal and Nurture

Like using your Divination Tools, remember to always trust your intuition.