👾 Magic… Fantasy or Reality? 👾

Hello, Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! 🔮

I would love to start out this post by thanking you all for trusting me with my intuition and journey. I am glad everything I foresaw on my Tarot deck came to fruition, as I told myself when I started this I would never be a 99.9% accurate kinda girl.

It does not mean I never get information wrong however, that is dependent on The Gods and Guides who guide us all. Sometimes information can appear scrambled for adventure, learning, a higher memory capacity, more artwork to absorb and so on and so forth…

With that being said, I can honestly say I have been receiving E-Mails questioning my sanity and weight(?). This has not happened up until I took a giant *dump* on therapists on previous posts.

👾P.S for curiosities’ sake I am a size 12 UK {sometimes bigger by a size or smaller, depending on the brand and/or country}.👾

Pretty needless to say, I am a born Psychic whether you like it, believe it or not. This website is for Witches and those with a curious and open-mind only, not the occasional rude drifters and hobos. When I am in doubt, I do turn to my divination tools to ask my guides why I received such a hurtful comment. More often than naught, it stems from their own personal issues, such as self-consciousness.

I have stated thoroughly, to the very best of my knowledge, the why’s and why not’s of my decision to go public with my troublesome relationship with therapists. Any sane human being would read my posts on therapy, with horror that I had to go through these experiences, not new ammunition on what to say to piss me off.

🔮Being a Witch is not the easiest job and certainly can arise suspicions of mental illness in the Modern World. I have struggled my whole life with accepting speaking about my visions and private life. As much as I hoped it would be well-received, I knew it would also create cognitive dissonance for some people. 🔮


Right about now you may be questioning what intuition and divination tools have to do with “magic”.

Does a reality where will-o-wisps guide the way and true love’s first kiss breaks a spell? Possibly.

But… Magic to a Witch is as simple as connecting with a single grain of rice.


Stay tuned for another segment of Tarot Tuesday tomorrow. If you would like to stroll through previous ones, you can simply click here.

Blessed Be ☯️

Spell To Contact Dead

✚ Hello, My LoVELIES ✚ I have been getting cØuntless requests via E-Mail, about reblØgging cØntent that is Øn the bØttØm Øf my blØg {Especially Spirit Summonings!}. I can’t believe yØu guys lØve my pØsts sØ much, yØu want me tØ repØst them sØ yØu dØn’t have tØ sift thrØugh mØre cØntent! Thank yØu all sØØØ much! Your LØVE as always is appreciated & I cherish and adØre yØu all! ✚ P.S… Beauty is the Eye of the BehØlder, but I gag every time I see E-Mails Øf yØu guys cØmplementing my bØdy and lØØks. Wtf, yØu guys are sØ nice! ✚ P.S Part TwØ… Some people seem to be getting questiØn marks {Ør no cØnnectiØn} Øn sØme pictures and widgets. I’ll definitely wØrk on sØrting that Øut, but in the meantime feel free to brØwse and save hard-tØ-find Magickal Graphics Øn the right-hand-side Øf the Main Page ✚ Blessed Be ✚

Angel Remedy

I want to say Thank You

To anyone who has been having problems with link and images on this blog, I apologise. It seems to be an external hacking problem, specifically on the VISITORS and VIEWS. I have contacted Dan, my dear friend and hacker ex·tra·or·di·naire. He pinpointed the problem but seems to be running into external issues with WordPress. As you know, they are a huge Blogging Company and host millions upon millions of other Web Blogs, this makes it hard to pinpoint one person, as many could be the culprit.

Anyways, until all is resolved I will be keeping a close eye on numbers and people, I hope you all can bare with me as I rid myself of evil paranoia, together.

This post is intended to be a wake up call of sorts, for you and I together. We both know the depths of the human emotion, and demonic as well, so let…

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Spirit Summoning Spells

Angel Remedy

undead glamour   ♥ elizamio

We all know what grieving looks like. Loss, hope, despair. Losing someone who you thought you would never lose, someone who you would think could die, but not anytime soon. We also know everyone dies – eventually. 

Eventually is a far away land in your mind’s eye. Somewhere you know in your heart exists but feels too dark to accept. That is the reality of what a lot of people fear. Fear that there is no hope. That as much as you cling on to everything good this life has to offer – What if? That is normal. Being a person who seeks justified answers to questions no one has answered – is normal too. 

Excuse me for sounding like an old soothsayer. I created a spell before writing this down and it is making me sound like something I am laughing about – as we speak. I’ll…

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Spell: Hekate’s Barrier

Queen of the Waiting Ones

This simple and powerful protection spell was taught to me by Hekate six years ago, when I still identified as Wiccan. It should be recast every two to three years.  She has asked me to share it with you all, so that whomever is in need may have a means to protect themselves. This spell should be cast during the Dark Moon, but if the need is great, don’t wait.

On a personal note, I followed the *Lycian Wiccan Rede in regards to magic, which can be found here.

The spell utilizes the cord chant, as taught in Ray Buckland’s big blue book, the only change being that the word “knot” is replaced by the word “count”. It also utilizes Hekate’s chant, which came into my mind while praying to her, as I envisioned this spell.

This is a powerful spell, and can be used as a barrier against…

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Dark magic & Goddesses

The magic dandelion

I’ve always been drawn to the darker Goddesses with their myths woven of shadow, and the deep medicine and magic that they bring into our world.
Darker Goddesses are not evil. Dark goddesses travel where others fear to tread. They move through the veils between the worlds and into the shadows of powerful Magic. They bravely venture into the Underworld and dive into the areas that other shy away from like death, transformation, protection, rebirth, prophecy and shadow work.
Here are some of my favorite Goddesses to work with and some of their representations.

Aradia: Aradia is a powerful and multi-faceted Goddess to behold. The daughter of the Moon Goddess Diana and her brother the Light Bearer Lucifer, they call her the Queen of Witches.
Sent by her mother to Earth to teach magic in her place, she knows all of the ancient mysteries and came to teach those who…

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Greetings Boys & Girls…

I took an unplanned hiatus due to workshops and gatherings, but I really wanted to inform everyone that the [right-hand] side of my page has a lot of fun content you can browse!

I add more pictures and widgets as My Craft grows and connects with more people.

You can save all the pictures and explore the widgets with ease, as I only pick the very best!

Let me know what you think..

🌿Thajba 🌿