Venting to The Gods


Hello, Fellow Readers and Witches!

I felt the need to place this here after I received a long and inspiring E-Mail from a young female. I will obviously refrain from mentioning her name as that is private and confidential between two women. I will however, go on somewhat of a long rant due to the sudden burst of inspiration I felt reading her traumatic E-Mail.

Now, mind you, this is not the first post I have made about how I have lost faith in therapists and the medical system – ESPECIALLY if you are a spiritually inclined soul, and Oh, My God will I emphasise on this point. After a little introduction, that is…

The plot of this E-Mail is that this young woman is, as I, traumatised by the ignorant and backward behaviour of therapists, especially psychological therapists. The backward behaviour I am referring to is therapists’ unwillingness to change with the times and adopt a more peaceful and tolerant approach, to others ideas and belief systems. I literally find it abhorrent that if people hear voices, schizophrenia is the first thought to come to mind. Then… Why is there a need for religion if believing in God to the point of illness exists? How is this even a possible reality? Ask yourselves that before coming to a logical answer, especially if you plan on telling people their spirit guides communicate with them via sound. 

Clearly, I am mad. For that, I do not apologise. I have sat here for years on social media, blogs and inspirational websites witnessing a void in communication. It feels like I am the only one disgusted by the behaviour of the mental system. Everyone else is “hash-tagging” Mental Illness and making it “cool” again. How about following through on the Starseed task everyone was apparently on? What if I actually got channelled by an Alien? Guess where I have to turn to? Nowhere. Literally, nowhere.


Last year I took it upon myself to see a therapist. I thought, “Why not give it a chance if everyone is apparently benefiting from this? Have a little more faith. Maybe, even, a little more trust.”

I even decided to choose female therapists over males. Just incase, as female friends have stated, a male would have emotional investments tied to me. So, based on my friend’s assumptions and what the internet told me, I ventured on with caution to the wind. After all, these were trained professionals, right?

I was lucky enough to acquire two female therapists by the name of, for sharings sake, Jenny and Jo. I haven’t changed their names as I am sure there are many Jenny and Jo’s in the world.

I began my “session” by stating my troubles as follows: I feel like I live in a world where my spirituality gets me into trouble. I feel like if anything spiritual were to happen to me, I would be considered delusional instead of special (a word not many people like because it secludes others). I feel like my “modern beliefs” get in the way of me connecting closely to my family.

I expected the two therapists (I don’t know why they thought I needed two, but okay, the more the merrier) to obviously debunk my beliefs. Obviously, an academic background involving science does tend to distort one’s senses, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt anyway, given my Arabic heritage and Islamic background.

What I got was basically the equivalent of brainwash, and that is what my dear E-Mailer and I share in common: the belief that therapists need to adopt a more spiritual tactic in their approach, especially if they tend to adopt our spiritual bandwagon when trying out self-help books and shows. 

They both told me my thoughts were border-line delusional because I think “my” spirit guides talk to me. They told me they noticed, over the course of the one month I experimented with this, that I talk to myself. (A habit I do tend to do when I am excited, mind you. This same habit dates back to my father, who liked to be eccentric and mimic people while looking in the mirror). So anyways, I came to find out that was ill of me to do and is a symptom of another money-milking mental disease. They also told me that I have  codependency issues because I am too attached to my best friends, and need to find more female friends to “hang” with (A point I am still coming to terms with because it makes no sense. I am still wondering if it is because I am Arab or if it is because it seemed like I was too excited over them).

I do not wish to add more salt to injury as this already may be too much for people to swallow. I just wished to let out my emotions as best I could, given the interest in what I have to say.


This behaviour of therapists is not uncommon. When I was only thirteen, I witnessed my family get in to the biggest scuffle of all time due to therapists intervening in our personal behaviours, by hosting “family” meetings that they were involved in. In these meetings, they would tell my cousins to freely express to their parents how they feel, swear words included(?). This led to a life-altering brawl between my family, quite literally, Saloon Style. After they milked my family for every penny with traveling to our country, demanding to stay in a swanky hotel, demanding a large salary, hosting therapy sessions everyday; they got fired, barely apologised and left back to South Africa.

Needles to say, I was scarred from the experience. I told myself I would never use therapy as an alternative, no matter how badly I suffered in life.

Fast forward to last year, and the badly suffering was catching up to me. I needed someone to rely on outside my immediate family, a fresh a opinion, if you will. What I got was the same nonsense I witnessed when I was a teenager.

I realised a very dangerous thing: humans cannot tolerate power, period. 

Whenever anyone is given the task to be the ultimate healer, counsellor, or teacher, foolishness is always around. People have unfortunately made me realise that they can never “set their emotions aside”, even professionally. Someone having a bad day and experiencing a severe amount of grief, will always more often than naught, take it out on those around them – especially without admitting it.

So how are we supposed to think therapists are exempt from this behaviour? They are not Gods, after all. Why does everyone seem to be blithely unaware of this fact?

Is it fair to ask of all of us to just accept that people in “powerful” positions are not allowed to be human – not allowed to feel jealous, anxious, shy, intimidated, turned-on, callous and so on? Are they robots sent from the future? Probably not.

This is going to be the last post I make on therapists. I do not wish to take up this space posting this, instead of something educational, spiritual and motivational. I wanted to share my emotions with the only outlet I felt actually released my doubts, fears, insecurities, burdens and sorrows: writing. Whether it be typing or penning my thoughts on paper.

This is the process I found most beneficial.

This is the process that made me realise there is hope: blogging. All of you fellow readers and bloggers made me realise that hope is out there if you seek it.

I started this website only months ago, and it has already made me aware of facts it would have taken me 100 years to acquire.

I would like to end this long rant by thanking everyone for helping me share my wisdom and truth.



Fairy Godmother Answers




Hello, Dear Sisters and Friends!

I have been getting countless E-Mails regarding the link between Fairytales and Magic. 

I am sure all of you have suspected why I merged Fairytales and Magical workings on my website, and that is because to me, they are essentially the same. All Magic comes from Fairytale wisdom, lore and truth. The beauty of Magic is seen all around us, but more prominently as of late in Children and Fairytale books and movies.

With all your requests floating around and the increase in children’s fascinations with Paganism and Wicca, I needed to include something more high-spirited and friendly.

So, look no further than your personalised  Fairy Godmother for all your Magical worries answered!

I understand Paganism is not exactly seen as Magic, but more of a religious practice, but since a lot of websites seemed to group them with Witches, I found it best to do the same.

How This Works?

I performed a ritual prior to me posting this consent form. I contacted all my light, fairy and angelic guides to help with this endeavour. I received consent by closing my eyes, looking at the darkness within my mind’s eye, and seeing swirls of pink. This is how I know my calls were answered. I speak to my Angelic Guides constantly, so I reassure you this is no foolishery. 

Any Payments Needed?



I created this website and blog strictly out of sheer pleasure and do not wish to make money off of this. This was pleasurable for me to create and I hope it will be pleasurable for you to submit your comments, with the reassurance that there will be a guided answer.


New Moon in Scorpio

Tarot by Cecelia

The beginnings to all that is happening now have their roots in the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse from August 21. At that time, we said from New Moon, to New Moon, to New moon…and, now here we are at the fourth New Moon, which is ushering in your abundance and seeing at least one of your wishes come to fruition. You have new goals to set for yourself now, and no one can tell you otherwise. A major victory comes for you now, allowing you to release yourself from whatever had held you back from your hopes and dreams for so long.

Your routine shall be changing in some way, as you progress slowly forward, forever turnning your back on the hard times. Be methodical in the coming months, arranging your life as you had alwaysimagined. Having clarity as to your priorities will aid you immensely with this…

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Tarot Wednesday & A Treat


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

Before I get on with the fun and intuitive pleasures, I thought I would share a little about myself…

First of all, I know that ever since I started Tarot Tuesday I have posted on the exact day of Tuesday, just the once. Although it is never okay to owe anyone an explanation, you all aremy readers and do wait for content that I promise. With that in mind, I wanted to explain that the lack of consistency on this platform is due to family issues. 

I do not wish to elaborate, but I do wish to inform you all so you can understand where I am coming from. Family… Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em! Am I right? *Insert Drum Sound*



Card of The Day


This card is brought to you via The Dragon Tarot by Terry Donaldson.

The High Priestess usually points to psychic awareness, the subconscious, higher powers and mystery. She sits between the darkness and the light, represented usually by Solomon’s temple, which suggests it is she who is the mediator between realms and uncovers reality.

As all of you have witnessed with your own intuitive journeys, the cards are not always as they seem. The deciding factor will always be your psychic abilities, to determine whether The High Priestess is an individual, situation, place or way of being. Your intuition {Third Eye Chakra} determines and taps into unseen energy that could lead to uncovering future events. This is all about self-mastery. When you master yourself, you will realise how fluid the human body is because everything is essentially made up of energy. When you tap into this Collective Consciousness, you will be able to determine future situations, past situations and present situations. The accuracy of your readings boil down to your life-path, energy levels and divine guidance. 

With that being said, my intuition is showing me a day where The High Priestess is exactly as the origin of the card dictates. If this day could have a chakra, it would be The Third Eye.

Remember that intuition is not the same for everyone, and that is what makes it perfect. How is it fair that we all interpret the same? Where is the variety and spice of life? 

Some psychics interpret through smell, which leads them to pick up energetic scents from miles, even countries away. Some psychics have premonitions {not the same as intuition}, and have visible visions through their mind’s eye by interpreting the cards. Some psychic love to draw or paint, and that manifests their true desires and needs. This is what makes life perfect: variety. A variation of cultures, beliefs, styles, aesthetics, moods, colours and people.

Submerge yourself in your intuition today. Not just to discern, but to explore, too!


Incense Spell to Heighten Psychic Awareness

Before I begin, it is important to note that everyone perceives smell differently. For example, yesterday I tried a new variety of incense that was labeled as “floral”, but what I smelled was minor hints of floral notes with an overabundance of spicy notes such as Star Anise and Clove. This was because my energy levels yesterday were extremely low and I was nauseous. Flowers usually cause me to feel light and airy, while spicy scents usually bring up my energy levels very fast – that is what I have observed about my self. So, I picked up the spicy scents before the floral ones, because that is what I usually intuitively smell when I need a big push, unlike my affinity to see florals as “light” and “airy”.

 This is the beauty of our individual intuition, the ability to discern and find new ways of being.


This spell is from my own Book of Shadows and is my tried and true to invigorate the senses, especially the Third Eye!


  • If you are able to get your hands on Nag Champa incense, which is very famous in India, it would be an intuitive dream. The scent is extremely nutty and spicy with overlapping hints of sandalwood and sweetness. If not…
  • 1 Part Sandalwood Powder
  • 1 Part Cinnamon Powder
  • 1 Part Star Anise Powder
  • A Small Dollop of Gum {Frankincense, Arabic, Dragon’s Blood etc.}
  • Water
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • This Website: How To: Cone Incense

When you have formed your cone or gathered your ingredients…


  • Find a room where you will not be disturbed, whatsoever. Do this at night when all are asleep, or at an hour when you are certain you will not be disturbed by knocks or voices.
  • Seat yourself in a Lotus Position on the floor. For comfort you can sit on a pillow such as this one.
  • Light your incense and place it in front of you in an incense holder, cauldron, or fireproof bowl.
  • Bring the incense to just below your nose and take in a big inhalation. Place the bowl on the floor for a moment, and close your eyes. 
  • Repeat the following spell THREE times…

Oracle of Lunar Light

Reveal To Me The Second Sight

Meditate just as you normally would, and watch your mind’s eye open up like never before. Leave your incense to burn all the way down, even if your room is filled with smoke. Indulge your smell.



The Curse & Blessing of The Sun


This Crooked Crown

The sun is normally considered a Very Positive Thing but… it’s not always? Anyone who has hated mornings, is light sensitive, or has sensitive skin has cursed the sun. (Or, if you’re me, you’re all three and everything is terrible lol).

This is a spell that can be used as both a blessing and a curse. The set up is exactly the same but it’s the intent and words behind what you’re doing that matters. It’s also a spell that can be set up well in advanced and used in an extremely subtle and low-key fashion.

The Curse and Blessing of the Sun SpellWhat you’ll need:

  • A sunny, hot day
  • An opaque box with lid or top.
  • Writing utensil (Sharpies and paint works well)

Find a box that is completely solid and opaque. A black is probably best but you can choose any color so long you can’t see what’s inside. It must have a lid or top that…

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Dear Fellow Witches

Hello, Brothers and Sisters of The Craft…

As you all know, the spells I usually post have come through trials of my own. I rarely never try out a spell after re-blogging or posting, due to the fact that I want my readers to know that passion, time, manifesting and magic actually do work.

When I started this website, I wanted to it to be different than all the other current Magic Blogs. I wanted to add to the already existing network of lovely Witches, Wiccans and Pagans by bringing in my own personal flair. I wanted this to be your one-stop-destination for a safe haven, informational website and truth.

If you have been following for a while, you would know that I am blunt, honest and straightforward – something I have just fully accepted about myself recently.

With that being said, I know most websites or blogs will say there is no such thing as “Hollywood Magic” just “Practical or Modern Magic”, for someone who wants to believe and connect with Mother Nature or honor the Old Ways.

Now, I am not going in to details regarding what truly exists and what does not, just to respect and validate everyone’s cultures. We all know that Witches have been a very prominent part of history, whether hating them, loving them or being them; they existed.

Coming from an Arab background and growing up in a tiny and gorgeous island, nestled deep within the heart of the Middle East (Bahrain), my beliefs differ than the majority Caucasian Witches on WordPress. I grew up in a society where although Witchcraft was condemned for religious Islamic reasons, it was still something everyone not only believed in, but validated.

Every village or area knew (and still do know) exactly who the Witches were, they just never publicly admitted to using them in order to preserve their reputation – something that was not to be trifled with.

It is still seen as a sign of “copying The West” to make fun of people who are superstitious or think flying Witches don’t exist. At our root, we fully know the depths of what horrific energies can do. A parent who sees signs of possession would most likely consult a hex removal expert, than see a doctor of fear of their child being mentally ill.

The Evil Eye to Arabs is not only cultural but religious. We speak about it in gatherings, and sometimes jokingly point out people who we think have (something we Arabs like to call) “hot eyes”. A phrase that means: someone who’s sight and energy is so malicious, it has the ability to immediately affect your energetic surroundings, visibly too. (I must state here that the phrase makes so much more sense in Arabic, I apologize for my best version of the translation.)

Also, almost everyone believes in Magic, especially Black Magic. It is not something reserved for a Magical Community only. To us, our problems differ than what people refer to as “The West”. To you, you have the task of reclaiming your Old Ways, to us, it is preserving it and not letting it disappear in a world of pharmaceuticals and technological advancements.

The reason why I am stating all this, is although we have a functioning and normal society like everyone else does, this is not a speculatory part of our culture, but reality. It is hidden to protect the reputations of those involved and their families.

So, please, Dear Brothers and Sisters of The Craft…

Before making claims that there is no such thing as “real” Magic, make sure you are factoring in everyone’s cultures and countries. You have not yet seen all there is to see, or know all there is to know.

Be more mindful with how you word your articles, because you have readers from all over the world, not just America only. People’s research may lead them everywhere, including your doorstep. 

Please never think there would ever be any documented “proof” of real Witches. The reason is something both common sense and history can decipher.

With Every Truthful Love,

Thajba giphy.gif