🌓 Mirror Magic 🌓 An Introduction…

Hello, Fellow Witches, Pagans, Wiccans & Friends Alike… 🌜🌞🌛

This topic seems to usually be swept under the rug in Witchcraft circles. I had actually intended to start my blog with this post, but it eventually fell into the drafts section & only got brought up recently.

I was having a conversation with friends of mine about the misuse of Dark Magic. They were telling me how a cousin of theirs got extreme shivers no doctor could explain. This led to his family finding several paper notes with etchings and drawings in their house, with Baphomet pictures and symbols. While most cultures would shake this off, in The Middle East this is referred to as Sihr {Magic}. While some assumptions and accusations can be chalked up to gossip or mental illness, a complete ignorance of the topic would be a sin.

After burning the papers and consulting an expert {most likely a religious figure or clergy} he proceeded to get extreme nightmares tied to the mirror.


This conversation led us into talking about mirrors, & how the downside of using Magic is entity attachment through reflective surfaces.

Mirror Magic is the obvious go-to-Magic, in terms of either disrupting or uplifting ones emotions.

How? The obvious: the mirror is a reflection of who you are, quite literally. If someone were to hex, curse or misuse Magic around your mirror, it could lead to you seeing yourself in a different light.



With all this in mind…

🌜Mirror Protection Ritual🌛

Ingredients:- ⚜️A plastic bucket, small in size & easy to carry.⚜️ Water.⚜️ Small face towel.⚜️ 3-7 medium or large white candles {symbolizing purification and channeling The Gods or light spirits}.⚜️ Himalayan pink salt.⚜️ Rose Quartz Crystal {any size but preferably small and easy to carry around}.


  1. Begin by pouring water into your plastic bucket. If spring water is available, it would be a lovely addition.
  2. Light your candles by your mirror, preferably in front of it, any order you desire. Place your Rose Quartz crystal in front of your mirror. You can bless it if you choose to.
  3. Sprinkle Himalayan Salt into the water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until the appearance of the water is sandy. 7-9 tablespoons is the amount I use, it is up to you.
  4. Place the towel in the bucket, twist and strain, and then use to wipe around the mirror. Do not miss a single edge.
  5. Take your time with this and leave the candles to burn all the way down. Think of this as your ❄️ Cinderella ❄️ moment.
  6. While wiping recite the following spells THREE times…

Wipe Away All Strains of Hate

Wipe Away All Strains of Slew

Wipe Away All Wicked Fates

Bring To Me In Abundance And New…

Wipe Away A Hateful Foe

Wipe Away What Causes Sorrow

Wipe Away What Bring Me Bane

Wipe Away What Causes Pain

Bring To Me In Abundance And New…


I will definitely be placing more Mirror Magic posts, as it is a complicated personal relationship. Mirror Magic can be fun and extremely sensual, too!


Blessed Be



Tarot Tuesday

Hola, Beauties…

We are back with another segment of Tarot Tuesday!

If you are new here and need some freshening up, every Tuesday I pull a card of the day with an in-depth 👀 look 👀 into today’s events or required guidance.

If you would like to catch up on previous posts for fun or intuitive pleasures, feel free to click the right-hand-side on the main page (it looks like a small box with several lines on it) & search to your heart’s desires! With the 🔑 words: Tarot Tuesday.

Most websites do include a Card of The Day reading, but do not give an in-depth guidance with the hopes you could buy a reading. I never charge for my readings as I consider this a small part for me to play in the grand design. I am intuitive and I love putting my Spirit Guided Guidance to good use.

Enjoy & Let Me Know What You Think… 🖤

This card is brought to you by the ever-so-popular Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

The Hierophant: wise, traditional, scholarly, knowledge & wisdom, these are the key words that come to mind when this card is at play.

Today, however, it would take a miracle to convince a rowdy peer of yours they’re wrong.

The Hierophant in today’s position signals a friend, most likely a man, who is pretty adamant he knows what is best, when tradition and wisdom is at play. This could cause some discomfort for you or it could elevate you higher, maybe opening your mind to more portals of humor.

When someone like a stubborn Hierophant gets in your way, it is best to steer clear of arguments. Do you know the popular saying “It is like praying in a waste land.”? That can be applicable here. Yelling at a fellow such as this is like trying to convince a wasted land to pray – useless.

Take the high road out and remind yourself you know what is best or let this person know the discomfort they are causing you.

Nothing is worse to a Witch than a dude who thinks he knows what is best, especially concerning her craft! 😝

Blessed Be…

💜 Thajba 💜

👾 Magic… Fantasy or Reality? 👾

Hello, Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! 🔮

I would love to start out this post by thanking you all for trusting me with my intuition and journey. I am glad everything I foresaw on my Tarot deck came to fruition, as I told myself when I started this I would never be a 99.9% accurate kinda girl.

It does not mean I never get information wrong however, that is dependent on The Gods and Guides who guide us all. Sometimes information can appear scrambled for adventure, learning, a higher memory capacity, more artwork to absorb and so on and so forth…

With that being said, I can honestly say I have been receiving E-Mails questioning my sanity and weight(?). This has not happened up until I took a giant *dump* on therapists on previous posts.

👾P.S for curiosities’ sake I am a size 12 UK {sometimes bigger by a size or smaller, depending on the brand and/or country}.👾

Pretty needless to say, I am a born Psychic whether you like it, believe it or not. This website is for Witches and those with a curious and open-mind only, not the occasional rude drifters and hobos. When I am in doubt, I do turn to my divination tools to ask my guides why I received such a hurtful comment. More often than naught, it stems from their own personal issues, such as self-consciousness.

I have stated thoroughly, to the very best of my knowledge, the why’s and why not’s of my decision to go public with my troublesome relationship with therapists. Any sane human being would read my posts on therapy, with horror that I had to go through these experiences, not new ammunition on what to say to piss me off.

🔮Being a Witch is not the easiest job and certainly can arise suspicions of mental illness in the Modern World. I have struggled my whole life with accepting speaking about my visions and private life. As much as I hoped it would be well-received, I knew it would also create cognitive dissonance for some people. 🔮


Right about now you may be questioning what intuition and divination tools have to do with “magic”.

Does a reality where will-o-wisps guide the way and true love’s first kiss breaks a spell? Possibly.

But… Magic to a Witch is as simple as connecting with a single grain of rice.


Stay tuned for another segment of Tarot Tuesday tomorrow. If you would like to stroll through previous ones, you can simply click here.

Blessed Be ☯️

Spell To Contact Dead

✚ Hello, My LoVELIES ✚ I have been getting cØuntless requests via E-Mail, about reblØgging cØntent that is Øn the bØttØm Øf my blØg {Especially Spirit Summonings!}. I can’t believe yØu guys lØve my pØsts sØ much, yØu want me tØ repØst them sØ yØu dØn’t have tØ sift thrØugh mØre cØntent! Thank yØu all sØØØ much! Your LØVE as always is appreciated & I cherish and adØre yØu all! ✚ P.S… Beauty is the Eye of the BehØlder, but I gag every time I see E-Mails Øf yØu guys cØmplementing my bØdy and lØØks. Wtf, yØu guys are sØ nice! ✚ P.S Part TwØ… Some people seem to be getting questiØn marks {Ør no cØnnectiØn} Øn sØme pictures and widgets. I’ll definitely wØrk on sØrting that Øut, but in the meantime feel free to brØwse and save hard-tØ-find Magickal Graphics Øn the right-hand-side Øf the Main Page ✚ Blessed Be ✚

Angel Remedy

I want to say Thank You

To anyone who has been having problems with link and images on this blog, I apologise. It seems to be an external hacking problem, specifically on the VISITORS and VIEWS. I have contacted Dan, my dear friend and hacker ex·tra·or·di·naire. He pinpointed the problem but seems to be running into external issues with WordPress. As you know, they are a huge Blogging Company and host millions upon millions of other Web Blogs, this makes it hard to pinpoint one person, as many could be the culprit.

Anyways, until all is resolved I will be keeping a close eye on numbers and people, I hope you all can bare with me as I rid myself of evil paranoia, together.

This post is intended to be a wake up call of sorts, for you and I together. We both know the depths of the human emotion, and demonic as well, so let…

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Spirit Summoning Spells

Angel Remedy

undead glamour   ♥ elizamio

We all know what grieving looks like. Loss, hope, despair. Losing someone who you thought you would never lose, someone who you would think could die, but not anytime soon. We also know everyone dies – eventually. 

Eventually is a far away land in your mind’s eye. Somewhere you know in your heart exists but feels too dark to accept. That is the reality of what a lot of people fear. Fear that there is no hope. That as much as you cling on to everything good this life has to offer – What if? That is normal. Being a person who seeks justified answers to questions no one has answered – is normal too. 

Excuse me for sounding like an old soothsayer. I created a spell before writing this down and it is making me sound like something I am laughing about – as we speak. I’ll…

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