Pine Cones and Pine Needles are used to Bring and Gain Prosperity

Bring a Bag along with You and Gather upon the Ground those Pine Cones and Pine Needles that have Fallen off the Trees


To draw success and money to your place of business gather up the Pine Cones and bundle them together attaching them with Green Cord or String

Then hang the Pine Cone bundle outside by the front door of your businessPERSONAL WEALTH

Gather 19 Pine Cones

Then in the Evening go outdoors place the Pine Cones within a Witches Circle of a 9ft circumference while standing within the Center of the Circle

Bring along with you 1 Cinnamon Scented Candle in a Holder

While standing in the Center of the Circle place your


Into each and every Pine Cone

Then 1by1 starting at the North sideโ€ฆ

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Ask The Aboriginal Witch

Hello, Fellow Witches & Followers!

Since I started this website, I have been receiving several questions that are similar in tone and intent. Instead of answering them individually, I thought it best to answer the similar ones in this segment.

Please do let me know if they have been sufficiently answered ๐Ÿ–ค.

To Contact Me you can click the left-hand-side-box with several lines on it (on the main page). I usually get back to E-Mails within a 48 hour period!

The answers below are based on my own knowledge, past and presently vividly remembered Witch lives and my intuition. If any of my replies have led you into dire situations, it is my Karmic responsibility to fix it. So please come back to me if things do not turn out as swimmingly as you’d hoped. ๐Ÿ–ค

Question: I always see Ads online when Googling spells. Do you think I can trust any of them? I always find it suspicious coming from a Latino background. I know you are Arabian and that is why I am coming to you. It is no secret that there are endless people practicing Brujeria just to mess up people. Please Answer!!!

Answer: My honest answer; is that those are usually scammers and people who practice dark magic and work with entities. There is no easier way to scam someone, then to pose as a helper online. It has been done before and it will continue if the option is available, it is called Free Will.

I always say there is no harm in trying to contact someone, but the benefit of the doubt can be a tough door to open, if you’re planning on receiving the opposite outcome. Life is an adventure of ups and downs. It feels good opening certain doors and getting to the root (I have a knack for detective work being a Scorpio who’s chart is flooded with Scorpio placements). But, having your hopes killed is also tough, that I know and I would hate for anyone to feel the same.

Most likely, the person on the other end isn’t Abdul from Nigeria coming to heal your every ache, it is someone looking to make a quick buck.

To be on the safest side: Never trust anyone who claims you can pay them after results. Like, ever.

Question: Your skincare and beauty rituals… PLEASE!

Answer: I have been getting a lot of these questions lately and I am working on a new segment! I am so glad everyone is interested, as I was hoping to add that later on ๐Ÿ–ค.

Question: I am a Witch who struggles with accepting her darker way of style. I feel like I would be judged for including darker elements to my craft. I love everything about your website and connected with how you love light & dark. Looking forward to your reply.

Answer: If you feel like you’re going to be judged for your style, practice a more solitary lifestyle. You will never be alone when you have your craft, your spells and the crazy happenings of the results can lead you everywhere!

I tried for years to “make” people “see” my way, and that journey as well as the results were and are futile. Being a Scorpio, it is in my nature to seek darkness. Not out of “being cool” but out of curiosity to satisfy my soul, and more importantly because Scorpios feel everything, especially darkness. We must either learn to live with it or become it.

With that said, I understand your need to satisfy your soul. Even when you go online the first picture you gravitate to is one of dark magical creatures, such as Vampires and Werewolves. It seems saddening that you have to explain that it does not mean your intentions are harmful.

Your best bet is to be a Solitary Witch who ever-so-often joins a Coven when she’s lonely. Best of both worlds.

Question: What are your thoughts on Witches using animal parts? I know you have been an animal activist and lover since you’re little girl.

Answer: I would personally never do that. Even if I did not kill the animal myself, supply comes from demand, it is the first rule of Economics. If people keep buying, people will keep killing to keep the market from declining.

The exception would be divine guidance to accept a situation, gift, offering, etc.

I do also believe that if you are a Witch who can communicate with animals, and the animal has given you consent, then that is okay.

Animals are sacred pure beings who can really help you if you stop to watch, listen and learn. I would feel like I am disrespecting them greatly by using them, without their consent. I prefer to have animals as pets rather than use their bones for spells.

I hope that has answered the recurring questions I get!

As always…

Young At Heart Spell

Hello, Witches & Friends…

I took a few days off of blogging to tend to my non-virtual Witch Life, but I am back with a requested, fun and light-hearted Spell!

There’s something about the frosty Winter Nights that remind me of fairies. It could be the glistening shimmer of the snow reminding me of sugar. It could also be the fairytale-like dรจcor of Christmas on the way.

Either way, this spell embodies both Fairytale Magic & Innocence!


โœจThymus Vulgaris

โœจ Five Sugar Cubes

โœจ Mortar & Pestle

โœจ Pink Satin Ribbon

โœจ Pastel Coloured Organza Bag

๐ŸŒฟ Grind your Thyme & Sugar to achieve a consistency such as sand…

๐ŸŒฟ With a Mortar & Pestle of course…

๐ŸŒฟ Place your ingredients inside your organza back…

๐ŸŒฟ Pastel of course…

๐ŸŒฟ Tie the ribbon around your bag, to seal your Magic with this Spell…

๐ŸŒป This I know, I cannot change

๐ŸŒป My age defined by constraint

๐ŸŒป What holds me back, needs to go

๐ŸŒป Such as burdens and sorrow

๐ŸŒป To be young at heart, and in young in mind

๐ŸŒป Both shall intertwine, to reveal a new place in time

๐ŸŒป To seek what was lost and make it mine…

When embarking on amplifying or creating Fairytale Magic, it is extremely important to come to this practice with no negatively potent energy. Meaning, no malicious, negative or harmful intent can go into the making of this.

The outcome will not be as youthful as you’d like it to, if you’re stirring or grinding while thinking of stabbing someone in the eye. Keep your thoughts light & fairy. This can be achieved through music, meditation, sounds {such as wind chimes} or even performing this at a location you deem peaceful & soothing! Oh, and don’t forget to say the Spell aloud…Forgot to mention that one! Sorry!

Dream Magic

This form of Magic is probably the most simplest form and most difficult. This requires nothing but your will (Magic) and the tools required to push you into dream state; such as, potions, tinctures, stones, talismans, balms, lotions, chimes and so on and so forth…

I get asked a lot how to practice Dream Magic, but what people do not know is dreams are extremely volatile and messy. You will not always be able to wake up from the magic you created, as that is the point of dreams, to wander and get lost.

This form of Magick can feel like a nightmare if you cannot force yourself out of dreams. Keep that in mind when venturing to the beyond.

I like to call dreams “The Beyond” as you can go anywhere, including the afterlife.


With all that in mind…

I will place a milder Dream Spell here to get you started!



๐Ÿ–ค Begin by cleansing your room with the cleansing tool you usually use. This can be Sage, Palo Santo, Resins, Cleansing Sprays, Tibetan Singing Bowl; whatever you desire. When you amplify your intentions and feelings your magic amplifies with it.

๐Ÿ–ค Lock your room door for comfort. If anyone barges in while you are in the middle of an intense dream, it can be confusing and quite disturbing. It is especially difficult for novice Witches to handle this, as we often start out living with family.

๐Ÿ–ค Set an alarm on your phone if you feel like you need an “out”, just in case. Set this for at least three hours after you are in a dream, as that will leave time for your mind to wander and come back (any shorter and you might not see what you need). My recommendation would be to choose alarming sounds so you don’t sleep through it.

๐Ÿ–ค Bonus ๐Ÿ–ค I like to spritz my pillows with fresh Lavender water to encourage fluidity and a still mind. Lavender has such a soothing smell, doesn’t it?


The Spell…

As I Lay My Head To Rest The Day

My Thoughts Emerge With Enlightening Rays


If you find yourself waking up with a gruesome dream, you are not alone.
Last Night I dreamt that I was Lady Babylon and could not escape my confusion and fear. This was not because I was in the legendary Babylonia, it was because I awoke to find myself missing a part of me I lost…
A part with so much more creativity, authenticity, flamboyance, chaos and rage.
I miss the exaggerated ambiguity of evil. I miss the vile longing to be held in something so dastardly romantic. I miss the pleasures of the Deadly Sins.
What I learnt from my dream is that although Babylon is gone, I awoke with a sudden burst of inspiration. The inspiration to write dark poetry like never before.


The Crone’s Winter Remedy



Greetings Witch Friends!

With the cold Winter days and nightsย there came a shift in energy…

Although this shift brought us into an emotional unburdening period, it also brought us into Flu Season. Letting go of energies can usually lead to sicknesses, if the process will show you why the blockages are there in the first place. Sometimes coming down with a strong cough, can indicate a lack of vocal expression or, maybe, even, the root of a curse (if you’re into that sort of thing).

I am sad to say I am one of the victims of Flu Season, and thought long and hard about what would wash away my illness, within a 2-3 day time period that is…

Given my knack for snooping in the past, I jogged my memory and used these THREE rituals to enliven me once more!


Cool Text - The Crones Grimoire 267412852882597.png

Tea Tree Steam

Begin by boiling clean water in a cooking pot, making sure to be careful while doing this, you don’t want to injure yourself. When the atmosphere looks steamy, lower the boil as to avoid it bubbling to you. Add 3-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil and stir. Bring the water to a boil once more, making sure to amplify the steam in the atmosphere. Lower the boil once more, place a towel over your head to trap the steam, and inhale the aromas. This willย decongest your throat and lungs and will releaseย phlegm.ย 

Tie A Garlic Around Your Headboard

When you have finished with the day and are ready to go off to bed, don’t forget to tie a piece of garlic with healing intent on your headboard (or under your pillow if you don’t mind the smell). You can do this by holding the garlic in your hands, while repeating a healing incantation or spell. An example would be: “Remove the cause of this disease, release me now and set me free”.ย When you wake up in the morning dispose of it by flushing it down the toilet, as it will have already absorbed the illness.

Immune System Boosting Tonic

Sometimes flus can be tough. This can range from a mild cough and cold, to a full blown fever with every congestion you can imagine. If you need an extra boost to get you through the day, try this Tea Blend: Ginger, Cinnamon and Turmeric. Boil these three in water and drink as you normally would (The ratio is up to you, but I usually add a pinch or two of the spices). When you’re done, heat three tablespoons of raw honey to soothe your throat and wash away the taste.


Cool Text - and there you have it 267427733311677.png

Blessed Be


Venting to The Gods


Hello, Fellow Readers and Witches!

I felt the need to place this here after I received a long and inspiring E-Mail from a young female. I will obviously refrain from mentioning her name as that is private and confidential between two women. I will however, go on somewhat of a long rant due to the sudden burst of inspiration I felt reading her traumatic E-Mail.

Now, mind you, this is not the first post I have made about how I have lost faith in therapists and the medical system – ESPECIALLY if you are a spiritually inclined soul, and Oh, My God will I emphasise on this point. After a little introduction, that is…

The plot of this E-Mail is that this young woman is, as I, traumatised by the ignorant and backward behaviour of therapists,ย especiallyย psychological therapists. The backward behaviour I am referring to is therapists’ unwillingness to change with the times and adopt a more peaceful and tolerant approach, to others ideas and belief systems. I literally find it abhorrent that if people hear voices, schizophrenia is the first thought to come to mind. Then… Why is there a need for religion if believing in God to the point of illness exists? How is this even a possible reality? Ask yourselves that before coming to a logical answer, especially if you plan on telling people their spirit guides communicate with them via sound.ย 

Clearly, I am mad. For that, I do not apologise. I have sat here for years on social media, blogs and inspirational websites witnessing a void in communication. It feels like I am the only one disgusted by the behaviour of the mental system. Everyone else is “hash-tagging” Mental Illness and making it “cool” again. How about following through on the Starseed task everyone was apparently on? What if I actually got channelled by an Alien? Guess where I have to turn to? Nowhere. Literally, nowhere.


Last year I took it upon myself to see a therapist. I thought, “Why not give it a chance if everyone is apparently benefiting from this? Have a little more faith. Maybe, even, a little more trust.”

I even decided to choose female therapists over males. Just incase, as female friends have stated, a male would have emotional investments tied to me. So, based on my friend’s assumptions and what the internet told me, I ventured on with caution to the wind. After all, these were trained professionals, right?

I was lucky enough to acquire two female therapists by the name of, for sharings sake, Jenny and Jo. I haven’t changed their names as I am sure there are many Jenny and Jo’s in the world.

I began my “session” by stating my troubles as follows: I feel like I live in a world where my spirituality gets me into trouble. I feel like if anything spiritual were to happen to me, I would be considered delusional instead of special (a word not many people like because it secludes others).ย I feel like my “modern beliefs” get in the way of me connecting closely to my family.

I expected the two therapists (I don’t know why they thought I needed two, but okay, the more the merrier)ย to obviously debunk my beliefs. Obviously, an academic background involving science does tend to distort one’s senses, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt anyway, given my Arabic heritage and Islamic background.

What I got was basically the equivalent of brainwash, and that is what my dear E-Mailer and I share in common: the belief that therapists need to adopt a more spiritual tactic in their approach, especially if they tend to adopt our spiritual bandwagon when trying out self-help books and shows.ย 

They both told me my thoughts were border-line delusional because I think “my” spirit guides talk to me. They told me they noticed, over the course of the one month I experimented with this, that I talk to myself. (A habit I do tend to do when I am excited, mind you. This same habit dates back to my father, who liked to be eccentric and mimic people while looking in the mirror). So anyways, I came to find out that was ill of me to do and is a symptom of another money-milking mental disease. They also told me that I have ย codependency issues because I am too attached to my best friends, and need to find more female friends to “hang” with (A point I am still coming to terms with because it makes no sense. I am still wondering if it is because I am Arab or if it is because it seemed like I was too excited over them).

I do not wish to add more salt to injury as this already may be too much for people to swallow. I just wished to let out my emotions as best I could, given the interest in what I have to say.


This behaviour of therapists is not uncommon. When I was only thirteen, I witnessed my family get in to the biggest scuffle of all time due to therapists intervening in our personal behaviours, by hosting “family” meetings that they were involved in. In these meetings, they would tell my cousins to freely express to their parents how they feel, swear words included(?). This led to a life-altering brawl between my family, quite literally, Saloon Style.ย After they milked my family for every penny with traveling to our country, demanding to stay in a swanky hotel, demanding a large salary, hosting therapy sessions everyday;ย they got fired, barely apologised and left back to South Africa.

Needles to say, I was scarred from the experience. I told myself I would never use therapy as an alternative, no matter how badly I suffered in life.

Fast forward to last year, and the badly suffering was catching up to me. I needed someone to rely on outside my immediate family, a fresh a opinion, if you will. What I got was the same nonsense I witnessed when I was a teenager.

I realised a very dangerous thing: humans cannot tolerate power, period.ย 

Whenever anyone is given the task to be the ultimate healer, counsellor, or teacher, foolishness is always around. People have unfortunately made me realise that they can never “set their emotions aside”, even professionally. Someone having a bad day and experiencing a severe amount of grief, will always more often than naught, take it out on those around them – especially without admitting it.

So how are we supposed to think therapists are exempt from this behaviour? They are not Gods, after all. Why does everyone seem to be blithely unaware of this fact?

Is it fair to ask of all of us to just accept that people in “powerful” positions are not allowed to be human – not allowed to feel jealous, anxious, shy, intimidated, turned-on, callous and so on? Are they robots sent from the future? Probably not.

This is going to be the last post I make on therapists. I do not wish to take up this space posting this, instead of something educational, spiritual and motivational. I wanted to share my emotions with the only outlet I felt actually released my doubts, fears, insecurities, burdens and sorrows: writing. Whether it be typing or penning my thoughts on paper.

This is the process I found most beneficial.

This is the process that made me realise there is hope: blogging.ย All of you fellow readers and bloggers made me realise that hope is out there if you seek it.

I started this website only months ago, and it has already made me aware of facts it would have taken me 100 years to acquire.

I would like to end this long rant by thanking everyone for helping me share my wisdom and truth.



Fairy Godmother Answers




Hello, Dear Sisters and Friends!

I have been getting countless E-Mails regarding the link between Fairytales and Magic.ย 

I am sure all of you have suspected why I merged Fairytales andย Magical workings on my website, and that is because to me, they areย essentiallyย the same. All Magic comes from Fairytale wisdom, lore and truth. The beauty of Magic is seen all around us, but moreย prominently as of late in Children and Fairytale books and movies.

With all yourย requests floating around and the increase in children’s fascinations with Paganism and Wicca, I needed to include something more high-spirited and friendly.

So, look no further than yourย personalised ย Fairy Godmother for all yourย Magical worries answered!

I understand Paganism is not exactly seen as Magic, but more of a religious practice, but since a lot of websites seemed to group them with Witches, I found it best to do the same.

How This Works?

I performed a ritual prior to me posting this consent form. I contacted all my light, fairy and angelic guides to help with this endeavour. I received consent by closing my eyes, looking at the darkness within my mind’s eye, and seeing swirls of pink. This is how I know my calls were answered.ย I speak to my Angelic Guidesย constantly, so I reassure you this is noย foolishery.ย 

Any Payments Needed?



I created this website and blog strictly out of sheer pleasure and do not wish to make money off of this. This was pleasurable for me to create and I hope it will be pleasurable for you to submit your comments, with theย reassurance that there will be a guidedย answer.