Spiritual and Magical Uses of Patchouli

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The patchouli plant is well known for its magical attributes and has long been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Its exotic scent brings to mind far-off, magical places, and it’s often used in ritual workings and in incense and potpourri blends.

A member of the mint family, the most commonly used portions of the plant are the dried leaves and the essential oils. Some practitioners use the stems as well. When grown, the patchouli bush will reach about three feet tall. It is covered in pretty purplish-white flowers. Patchouli oil is very strong, and has a deep, musky scent. It is associated with the element of earth and magic users consider it a female plant.

Associated with love, wealth and passion, patchouli can be used in a variety of magical workings. Patchouli smells like rich earth, and so has been used in money and prosperity mixtures and spells. The…

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Feminsim, Witchcraft & The Truth

This post, I admit, is long overdue. Every time the inspiration strikes me to even skim the surface of this topic, every fiber of my being boils over. The reason? Women’s complete and utter shameful distortion of what feminism really is.

The death of Hugh Hefner sent millions in the blog and Twitter sphere scrambling to paint him as the villain. Do I have any complaints? None whatsoever. This time however, I reached the threshold of my tolerance with fake feminists, who because think they read a few statistics and studied law, know the ins and outs of what it is to be a woman.

What is a woman to you?

Someone who has been given, in your eyes, the gift to bring life into this world and is sole purpose is to raise and take care of them?

Someone, who perhaps, you’ve noticed, has different sexual parts than you do?

Que the real reason behind feminsm: Women educating the world on what it is to truly own the title of a woman. Equality in all things men can do, SEXUALITY included.

So remind me why, so many lovely yet sadly ill-informed women today, think it is even remotely a part of feminism to tell another woman what she CAN and CANNOT do with her body. If you plan on raising awareness, do it right. Do not tangle a million threads to each other and use feminism as a cover to hide your insecurities or lack of Divine Feminine care. Saying that Play Boy, which is owned by Hugh Hefner, is the opposite of feminism only makes sense when you are touching on the right topics, not claiming that because someone chose to get naked for a living they are “proving women are ornaments”. If I want to be an ornament, I will damn well relish in the opportunity to be an ornament. Did anyone not teach you about your Divine right to be TRULY feminine? How is it not an act of rebellion and a stand with women to pose in the nude? Would you EVER question a man’s ethics and morals because he posed for a nude magazine? Probably, but rarely. That is the truth.

Witchcraft has been a predominantly female profession. Witchcraft acknowledges both the Divine Male and Female. Witchcraft teaches of the God and Goddess. Witchcraft teaches to never be ashamed of your body, encourages naked ritual, even. So, again, remind me why ANY female Witch would ever believe in such a detached and closed life?

That is all I wish to touch on when it comes to “feminism” and “witchcraft”. If you are a female Witch who believes in suppressing any aspect of the feminine, find another job or hobby. You have picked the wrong path.


Please never say things like “How do you expect to be respected when dressed like that?”, because if you believe respect and clothing are mutual either go back to your time or leave feminism alone. You are not a feminist. You need a purpose and need to feel like a good person and feminism is just…. not it.


If you are uncomfortable being the master of your own sexuality, it is okay, but leave those who do alone.


If you think feminism and religion go hand-in-hand, they don’t. Read your book again. If there is any passage whatsoever that states women cannot do something that men can, feminism goes out the window. End of situation.


If you have ever referred to another woman as a slut, whore or home-wrecker PUBLICLY (to be fair) you have no business uttering the word feminism on your lips.


If you think to begin with you are powerless because of your gender, you already forgot your true powers.


Someone Who Is Fed Up With Social Justice

Glamour and Beauty Spell

Witches Of The Craft®

Glamour and Beauty Spell

The best time to perform this spell is during the Full Moon, although, you can
also do it on a Friday during the Waxing Moon.

– Bowl and Spring Water
– Herbs for beauty, such as Lavender and Catnip
– White Rose that has been separated from the stem
– Mirror

A ritual bath or purification ritual is recommended before performing this spell to ‘clean the slate’ and allow magic to start anew.

Cast the circle and center yourself.
Sit or stand facing the West.
Pour the spring water into the bowl and hold it up to the Western quarter.

“I hail to the West and the forces of Water.
Hear and aid me in this magick tonight.
Grant me your beauty,
Shape and form this face and body
and let me radiate with self-love.
With harm towards none,
and for the free will…

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Past Life Connections




The Picture above is a screenshot from my Snapchat account



On a whim yesterday I decided to dye my hair bright red. It looks a more deepened hue on the phone’s flash, but is scorching red in person.

Now, usually, dying your hair is not a spiritual experience nor is it an emotional transformation akin to death.

In this particular instance, I am lost for words. I feel humbled, yet shaken to my core. 

Before today, I had already blogged about my past life recollection as Airmid. You can read more about it upon searching “Airmid” in my search engine on the right-hand side of my page. Or you can just click here.

After taking the plunge and what I would say was strong channeling, I dyed my hair.

What came next?

Visions like never before. A new world where logic went flying out the window.

I couldn’t help shedding a tear upon connecting with my healing roots and being in complete awe that Airmid is now a blooming Goddess. A Goddess for crying out loud.

Every song, every nudge, every flute-like-song is transporting me back in time to when my Celtic Soul screamed to be heard. 

I hope to continue this post and maybe add to how emotional this is for me right now, but I would rather give thanks to the essence that is now a Goddess. As Airmid, I dreamt about being a Goddess. I couldn’t wait to cross over and become the healing helper I wanted to be. 

That part of me is now Divine, it is gone. My soul chose to reincarnate here once more, as the loud-mouthed yet charming damsel; Thajba. 

In Honor of Airmid, Airmed or Airmeith, I found a beautiful website in her name.

To Earth We Come From and To Earth We Shall Go


The Website: Airmid | Keeper of The Herbs of Healing



Nature’s Natural Sleep Remedy


Just remember, beautiful Witches, each stone correlates to a certain Chakra depending on color. If you want extra love and care and healing on one certain Chakra, say for example your Crown Chakra, use purple crystals such as Amethyst or Lepidolite.  

Blessed Be

Crystals – Nature’s Natural Sleep Remedy – Crystals By Nature For as long as I can remember, I have had difficulties with sleep, and as I grow older, these difficulties have only gotten worse. I am constantly trying new ways to trick my body into rest: aromatherapy, hot baths, orange glasses to block blue light, etc. […]

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